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It's allowed not just the money you get paid for what you're doing that you're like at up to glenn who is supposed to get paid that the classic photography live right You're right am Great relationships with so many people came out with so many of the doger's up with me or not taking photos anymore. Sadly the stylus are the makeup artist kind of like. Oh shit will your old school. Now de i'm trying to remember so that danny clinch On the podcast before lightens. 'cause he was assisting franny liebowitz. I think it was right around. That's similar time and it's interesting to see who's like you said who who still around. Who still shooting what. They're shooting and whether they really substantially changed what they're doing. I mean it sounds like for you. You kind of emerged from this season of your like really developing the craft and learn the business and you land doing a whole lot of work for source magazine. Yeah yeah that was crazy though. That was how does that happen. Because it's not the most logical next or here. There's a fellow code. David cookery who went onto. I was i think he will. I knew he has his own design firm now but he was the creative director for a tiny little publication called manhattan file. Remember elliot. Just i went in cold with my book. You know as a magazine. I'm very much a society magazine. I don't know if you remember He can doug my porteous and the me. A couple of commissions one was braised analysis mama's j mcinerney hand. I think mostly. Because i had no idea what else doing a produce some addressing portrait's ghabra award broker. And i did that. And then he wanted to give me a cover and gave me a cover of candace. Bushnell soon Maybe the first kennedy season of sex in the city was huge. Managed to get this shot of her lying on beds and i had no desire for to get undressed. Akara she said commute naked. If i'm like that okay. I'm just no it's not my way is the more closed you've got on the bed to for comfortable. We did. This show knows a very very successful cover for Beautifully retouched and those the success will cover in an elvis Some other things start to happen around that bit. Cook radio win. On cody. wedneday goes mark. I'm going to be the creative director of the source magazine. Get in next week to shoot. Some stuff row is great. Dave was the source of hip hop pop Puff daddy you know what i mean but didn't really have a. Ad knowledge of what. Paul was the roots. Coacher anything so. It caused me to this magazine. Little white guy from glasgow main that good to the office in. it's all like real cut hippo. Hello and he says okay. So i want you to go out to new jersey. It's the year anniversary of biggie. Smalls death and i want you to photograph his mom. Mrs smalls brilliant Just do what you do mar so be research I don't think i knew was not in a bad way but it was not part of my thing so java to new jersey rental car i don't think i had an assistant with me just me and the open the door the charming wonderful woman missing from the source and she goes okay. We're expecting you're expecting. I did these Bit some pictures of mrs wallis. At that. i'm leaving. She goes listen. There's if you wanna hang it by some people coming over for the anniversary of in son's death Can hang from mid half cup of tea wherever and then like these people start. A nadia's is very funny. Like off. Who i knew but like low kim came about three or four other people. I should have known but didn't start coming just as interesting and i think it did okay because i had no. I think they can pigeonhole me as somebody so i'm just my allows go self. You know i'm just myself to know. What do you do allow Ama- do rap. Oh cool who. What in a wrap so. I think it was this eleusis guy but not in a bad way. You knows kaz just as a human being. I'm jay lynn. Jessop people and you know. I think that was kind of will was okay and then started working more and more more from the source and it was great. It was great experience. I got to all of a sudden. Like i get a call that i can. You photograph the the sure Identity album cover. No i done some as photographed and before for something. I a thing for another magazine and sure he goes. He's not going to show up. Unless you arc out every time it was just as bizarre can things that happened is still my mind to this day and the other thing about working for the source was there one day. I was in a brief starter marriage. I was in my brief starter marriage. And i'm working in the i'm visiting creative directors. Little the door on this very beautiful young lady comes in brian. velour can attract Thing she was absolutely beautiful at that. This is a hey mark mrs katie. She's our new director of our editor for source for so nice to meet you. I'm arkan that is my wife today so that took a long time but we were friends but yet the source was magnificent and then can all went shaped just Through the source then started coming out of a hip hop album packages and then all of a sudden it was like all i wanna do is stand beside my car. Jay did it you know and it just started to get so nfl. I did to kennedy segue Music i was finding it. I mean listen. I've never turned on job by pushing towards things i suppose. That's when can celebrity stuff started. Yeah mean it's interesting that you know part of what you said in there. Is that you know. There's certain genres certain culture. Certain things where it's like everyone has you know there's one shot that becomes iconic and then everyone wants their version of the same shop. You know recover looks the same. Every album looks the same all the stuff the same and for them you know. It's probably while i'm sort of like i'm sharing in this iconic moment but for us somebody who's behind the lens is sort of like at a certain point. It's sort of like you know your own creative jones starts to want more yearn for something that's out of that box. Definitely one hundred percent in the is very rarely the out get let my creativity get in front of the fact that i'm getting paid or make photographs because that is the to me. The most important thing. Creativity does get stifle. But i'm incredibly fortunate in just the team player and being part of it in going in meeting people and talking to people in the experiences are just as important to me as the final image. I know a lot of photographers and may be. Allied via solve them is are just so committed to that final message and i'm not. I'm not committed like that. I'm committed to the experience in doing it. you know. I think that allows me to do stuff that i didn't necessarily wanna do.

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