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Envy. That's the jingle Bell. That's the Jingle Bell. James Brown. What to expect from Christmas 2020. It'll be simpler and smaller, with much hope for 2021 97.1 wash at them. So over, man. Silver bad? Yes, Miss list time You see me running away? You hear them raise soon there will be Christmas there. City sidewalks, Busy sidewalks dressed in holidays style in the air. There's a feeling of Christmas Children, laughing People Classic. Meeting smile after smile. I'm none every street corner, you Silver by silver Bad his Christmas time Miss Amy Rain delay. Here. The rain will be Christmas Day. Strings of street lights, even stop light link of brave Fred and green as the shoppers rush along with treasures, Children laughing. People passing meeting smile after smile on Never, florist muscle, you silver bad silverback. Yes, Chris must time, Missy. I'm rain away here. The race so Big Christmas Day soon will be Crazy smile must day. Hey, it's Toby and chilies. Crazy First day, Let's go to Falls Church to talkto Marcia this.

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