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On you know all through the night and into the morning kinda like a royal wedding but it is not the case so I have the Oscar winners and I have some clips from earlier I found online that I was laughing at with the Steve Martin Chris rock in you now even the political statement by Brad Pitt not that bad so I don't know if it got worse it wasn't all that bad we'll take that as a win we're gonna hook up with our friend Drax at about twelve thirty so a little over an hour and twenty minutes from now as we do that every Sunday night Kristin Arnold is a rules analysts she's AT rules analyst dot com with the democratic debates on Friday night I was surprised anyone watched it but as it turns out it's on par with all that there are other viewership either they're making up in fudging the numbers OR there were you know seven eight million people that watched it but I was not one of them I have to turn that stuff fall for a couple of days in a row I cannot handle it over the weekend and so the only chance I have at remaining somewhat sane so we're gonna let her recap it but since she is a rules analyst she's someone that looks at how the moderators handled it was it fair what kind of questions that they ask you know who said the most time the the nuts and bolts of the debate even though we don't talk too much about the content of it it's more the nuts and bolts so we'll get to her in about twenty five minutes from now right after the weather at eleven thirty three you know did anyone watch the XFL today the battle hocks get not Victoria review while their very first one on the road in the battle hocks from last check we had the most tickets sold for the opening week at least for a home team in there was like you know somebody's arena sold twenty thousand tickets you believe that for the XFL we're gonna talk XFL coming up in about you know six or seven eight minutes from now I want to thank anyone that may have been listening earlier today to at your service so Bo Matthews doesn't show here on the weekend and I really don't know ball all that well bites I got to know him just briefly when I sat with Trish because Allen the three of us did a show we actually recorded that on Thursday so we had to be very careful the way we brought this up knowing it would air on the weekend if anyone heard that from earlier today I hope you enjoy that we shot some text messages that came through it's one of those things if you're up at eleven OO nine PM in you heard the ball Matthew show from earlier you are a super fan not even a little fan a superfan to be listening to cable X. all day you're like dog that's how big of a fan you are so on I want to think anyone that caught that I have a lot of fun in fact we're gonna be doing it again next weekend so I'm going to be in on Thursday during the day to record that which means you'll have another guest house coming up on Thursday night let's see we got here Oscar winners and losers maybe we should focus on the positive here we don't want everything to be all negative so here's the Oscar winners and if you are your this on your DVR thank you aw don't spoil it for me love don't listen a lot a lot a lot no one's like that right so here's here's the winners best pitcher was parasite ended up beating some pretty big films joker was in there once upon a time in Hollywood Ford versus for arias very surprise was nominated the Irishman was nominated bunch of times did you hear that and CBS news ten nominees zero awards tonight I've heard some mixed reviews about the Irishman and it's not a movie I'm gonna watch again I you know I I just don't sometimes when you get those are rated stuff no thanks of the sale take a pass and this is what I've heard and I've heard some people say was really good an effort some people say the Irishman it's so long in it so far a then again you get you get what would just burnt out on the political statements so when a Robert De Niro goes on stage and trash as president trump yeah it's tough for you to sit through a three and a half hour movie or whatever it is to see his face so I can see that sours a lot of people Best Actress Renee's selling your from Judy good for her I don't know she was still acting Best Actor Joaquin Phoenix for the joker now that was a performance and a half said they take the best pitcher was parasite didn't know in seeing that one let's see I'm gonna Love Me again from rocket man was the Best Original Song best music score was joker international films make up visual of facts known cares best film editing Ford versus Rory I'm surprised about that one yeah I can't I saw that movie I think it was anything Oscar worthy it was just you know a movie you watch and then it keeps your attention wasn't a bad movie by any I just and think it was like Oscar for best sound mixing nineteen seventeen best sound editing for versus for ari a man who did they pay off to get all of these Oscars nine dast documentary feature was American factory best documentary short feature was learning to ski board in a war zone Saint Louis Superman lost that one best production design once upon a time in Hollywood I'm just gonna go down here did did did did did none of these all animated feature film Toy Story four and up when in that one no surprise I was a good one best supporting actor Brad Pitt once upon a time in Hollywood he's the one that gave the political speech even if you want to call it a political speech was pretty tame altogether Julie cattery for this honor of honors it took me only have forty five seconds appear which is forty five seconds more than sent gave John Bolton this week.

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