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Here on the tomorrow program. John and Jeffersonville Ohio. Hey, john. What's up? Yeah. Tom I had a a basically a situation that happened. And then I'd like to, you know, make MAC inclusion on and I'd like your comments, and I I did a deep dive on the Reverend Barbara sermon out of South Carolina, and he was talking about the three reconstructions that we've had in this country, and he goes back into the recipe behaves whenever they did the eighteen seventy seven compromise. And how you know they pulled out the troops out of Louisiana and South Carolina in order to let this out do what they want it again. And then it goes up into the plastic versus Ferguson separate but equal and it was eighteen ninety eight. I did. At the deep dive on all that stuff. I it just broke my heart. I mean, just to sit here and think about where we're at is a nation. And and what all you know. Worth. Thanks daren. And basically what conclusion that I came to his people who are racist if we can identify that are racist. We need to just basically not. Remove them for my life. Not communicate with him and not have anything to do with them and shame them. And that's the only thing I know how to deal with with the racism that were were experiencing. Well, and I agree John. And I think that the good news as it were is that if you look at the popular genres of of, you know, homemade YouTube videos made with camera phones phone cameras is that you know, we went through. I it was the, you know, cops killing unarmed black people mostly men, and then and then it went to know people behaving badly, you know, shouting shouting racist stuff at at bed black people by and large. You know, the the, you know, trying to have a picnic or whatever may be and then it moved to in the more recent version of this. And we've been seeing a lot of these in the last year is basically white people yelling back at other white people for being racist when they misbehave in public and. And so, you know, the genre is evolving, and I think that it's evolving in a way that reflects a broad consensus in America, at least with I think the majority of Americans along the lines of what you just laid out John that Americans are saying enough already. We you know, we s we have racist among us. We are not going to tolerate them anymore. We are going to call them out. You've got even you know, the guy who was the founder Gavin McGuinness the guy who's the founder of the proud, boys. Now in his neighborhood. They're his neighbors have signs up to say, hey, doesn't live here. And you know, suggesting that it does live in his house, and he and his wife are threatening legal action against them. They're freaking out there going around door to door begging people not to do it. I mean, you know, he's saying, oh, the proud boys is just a fraternal organization. You know, it was just a joke. I know I'm not even involved with them anymore. I mean, even the big time racists are being taken down. So I think John that we're moving in the right direction. Frankly, it's just heartbreaking that you can hate somebody. You don't even know. Yeah. The color of their skin. It just to me. I it's inexplicable. Don't get it is breathtaking John. Thanks a lot for the call Al in Beverly shores, Indiana. Hey, Al, what's on your mind today? Yes. I wanted to talk about horses in spirits. I loved your article. Can we take it back to the grant administration? Sure. But let me let me just before you continue. Let me just tell people what you're talking about. Because a lot of people are going what when when Ronald Reagan rolled out trickle down economics. The the idea of trickle down was presented as new and novel. But it actually wasn't back in the eighteen seventies eighteen eighties eighteen nineties as the oligarchy were basically taking over America along with the industrial revolution. They started promoting this idea called horse and Sparrow economics and the whole idea was back in the day. When there were a lot of horses. People knew that the sparrows love to eat love to pick the undigested seeds grain out of the horse poop that was all over the streets because everybody wrote a horseback in eighteen seventy and so what they suggested was that if you feed the horses more oats than they normally need they will put. More oats, which gives more food for the sparrows, which is going to cause the sparrows to be fat and happy and grow in population. So therefore, we should do the same thing with rich people give them more money, and they will then you know, poop that money on the rest of us Reagan. It was us and tell us that it's raining, and you know, the will all become richer back to you L. I strongly agree. I also think that grant kind of a rail because he just didn't know how to deal with the oligarchs nobody had to deal with them before you know, it was a brand new situation. Yeah. This is a illicit assessed. Grant. Who is I recall was elected president what eighteen seventy two or was it? Seventy eighteen sixty eight sixty eight coups. Remember Johnson was impeached over. Grant took over the following Presley. And then went to terms. Yeah. Then got reelected in seventy two. Yeah. And and and grant also I mean, if if you've read his his notes, his biography, and you know, his his notes on the civil war. I mean, he was a brilliant civil war tactician and military guy. But he was also a severe alcoholic. And that was the problem that really really hurt his administration was that he was drunk most of the time while he was president and it eventually killed it. I mean, you know, he died as I recall the mouth cancer. Didn't he? I don't recall. But.

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