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My favorite weekends is rarely playoff picture really starting to formulate. Here wanna make a little money. Listen to this, man. Our guy in Vegas Brandon Lang how you doing? Basket in the grow of the Clemson Tigers on Monday night. Yeah. Man. That's right. Amazing game. Love it. I made some amazing calls in this business. And and I think what. Was I literally said my analysis, which is posted up at brand lane dot com. Was I didn't think it was going to be close. I had Clemson beating them by double digits, but final is forty one thirty one. I had Clemson tag forty four forty one right there. I had them at twenty four getting a back door late. But clemson's defense allowed just under seventeen points a game for the year sixteen. So I remember going to say that actually. I kinda missed that. But I tell you what to cover the Jordan, which is as big as I go and hit that. And keep this role going go for a fourth straight winning week. And it's just been it's just been a hell of a run here man, but you need and like I said on your show as a handicap or the guy that does this for living. You learned enjoy these runs because when you know when they get like, this you just want to keep it going in college basketball at twenty six nine one after oldness last night plus four over over Auburn. So it's it's it's good right now. Let's talk in in terms of orders, all the things you look at what I think we've talked about this before. But what are some of the main people look at the the history. People look at the home versus away that sort of thing. What's one of your may, your main things you like to look at college hoop? Yeah. Colleges home dogs. I start with home dogs. So I don't really pretty much anything else. I look at every on every basketball card, I handicap every home dog, and I will find something I like example, but you last night, for instance, ole miss was eleven into Auburn was eleven and to Auburn had played one true road game all year was that NC state where they lost. They had been off for eleven days. And I'm a big Kermit Davis fan. The guy did a great job of middle. Tennessee state. He's a hell of a basketball coach, he's got. He's got an veteran back court, and I'm like just going to show up for your first true SEC road game. I don't care. You got all five starters back. You can't have an eleven day layoff, and you show up on the road and the SEC against a team in in all miss that is played incredible basketball. And I got a damn good coach four wire-to-wire one by fourteen and it was just one of those games where you just know from the first five minutes, you're on the right side where they're they're defending their getting. Offensive rebounds in. That's that's changed. My formula turn my college basketball product into one of the one of the best in the nation. Twenty six and nine twenty six twenty one have been underdogs that have won outright. Think about that. Cool. So it's it's it's that's the formula into your listeners out there that do wage your retirement purposes, only I switched away, you handicap, start with the underdog in any sport and work your way to the favourite if you do that you're going to see more dogs because if you start with the favorite you're gonna fall in love with the favorite, the favorites our favorite for reason. And sometimes you'll never work your way to the dog. If you start with the dog, I you're gonna find more dogs than what you'll find is the value of the number is always with the underdog Brandon Lang, our guest and Brandon talking about dogs, and my opinion, I see this as maybe a win for a dog and the best game of the weekend. As far as the playoffs. Go colts at chiefs. I think the colts have got a damn fine chance of beating the chiefs. Even though the what I'm seeing here's what do they have about four and a half four and a half five minutes. Clemson was a two hundred dimmer and I've hit six straight two hundred dollars in the NFL. Credible. This coach game is two hundred diamond number seven in a row, and the NFL I'd have it up on the website two days early. You can go there for a fifth straight college basketball whenever as well. You can never make a two hundred part of the one day free all access pass. But it is now so you can get it two days early in the college basketball wanted to keep the street going right now lean dot com. How do you see it? What are we what are we looking for in this game? Because the colts my feeling is that the colts have been on fire Kansas City, obviously, they speak for themselves. But this cold steam fire late they've come out of nowhere. Exactly, you're gonna need if you if you play Kansas City and the game you're gonna need Patrick Mahomes out plans, you luck. And you're going to see the Kansas City defense which hasn't been able to stop anybody all year long. They're twenty six against the run thirty first against the pass. And there's a thirty first ranked total defense in the NFL, and they're.

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