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Good morning, millennial leno's. We are back. It's been so many years. It's been so long since I sat here with, you know, right? Like I was gone Friday and Thursday, so it's been Wednesday to Wednesday. Wow. A whole week, but we obviously filled the void with premium content premium guests we had. We had Heather McMahon. We had a Livia ashtray. How was McMahon? Heather? McMahon was amazing. She because she just cracks me up like even just being herself before she even is being funny, she makes it a breeze. Then we had a live Yahoo. Funny enough was our hardest gusts mail down, like trying to get her on the show has proven to be rather difficult. I mean, the life of troubling marketer is never stops its trials and tribulations, and now we're trying to plan her bachelorette party. And you have you been talking to? Yes, having a hard time. She thought it's like I'm pushing my personal agenda. 'cause I really wanna go to Austin, but she's been so many times and she doesn't want to go. I think you're like, I don't think it's the vibe. I think it is. And if we're gonna go to Austin, we should just move to a different weaken and go to Nashville. And it will be said that too, because it's the same. But I've never been to Austin, so I actually going Austin in two weeks. So for what for wedding, I've really wanna go to Austin, but it looks like it's not going to happen should just to show there. And then at UT go go horns. They won this weekend at the Cotton Bowl. I only know that because of Rachel, Lindsay, she's keeping me informed. I did a swipe up for my boots. Thank you make so much money. No, I didn't make me, but Rachel. Lindsay. Welcome. Okay. And you know who makes booths, I'll give you DSW. That's a store that sells them. Okay. We don't look at the bottom. I will give you five guesses and I bet you I could give you a million guesses and you wouldn't guess it. Okay, candies, close mango. No. I'll give you another clue. It's the celebrity has a brand, Jessica Simpson. Nope. Jaylo Nope. What more Kristin Cavallari? Nope. For flat. These are the Fergal issues. Boots. I didn't even know she had it. She. That's why I fucked. So Harvard, yes. W these days who to known and is like the khloe boots that litter cost seven million dollars. Please just get them sweaty. Thanks, Chloe. I'm good. DSW fifty nine dollars like I'm still here for fifty nine for fifty DSW like I'm there ninety Lassiter also they do a lot of. Market out here thirsting for some business. I wonder if they do podcast marketing. Yeah, where to find those deals aren't coming through like they used to Email in bio. I just, yeah, I'm so happy to be here. I know it's been so it's been so difficult, you know as it? Yeah, coalescing is hard by coasting with the new hosts. Yeah, and I used to like have photo that I never got to do it, and now I don't have fumble anymore. How was the snitch on the toast? Snitch on the was easy if we had lots to cover, and we did just that. I feel like it was a very specific episode like we really talked in circles a lot like we spoke for like thirty minutes about Riverdale conversation. We had had on the plane the day before. So we were acting like we did it and we're acting yet. And the number one album like we were just talking like like sisters. Yeah, right. So I couldn't tell the people would like that or not. I think that's what makes that's the magic of the show of got man. Genetic in me, got the magic to bed plots. Instagram singing, five seconds of summer. I did some because someone was kind of to record the whole thing and put it in the toaster choosing. It's hard for him. I was thinking like June, it's hard for him to go from like the toast. Of Broadway to just like an actor. Do you know what I mean? No, because I think if he wanted to continue to be the toast Broadway, he could be, you know, I think he was over at the time and now it's just like now what I feel like he definitely misses. No, the bars definitely high yet..

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