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And Steve Patterson along with producer Don McLean. Hello, pulling double duty again today we thank you for it. No problem. It's going to be a great day It is. We call it the D Mac attack when she does double duty like that, Uh, the makers Um okay. So my fan club de massacres the Packers smackers. They go crazy. They line up for you at appearances. Yeah, shout out to my detractors. We haven't We all been two appearances where they're like, Hey, come out means, Steve. Batters it it'll be. And then it's one person that stands there and talks to you for two because they have no social skills. Yes, gosh. What? We love them. We love them, too. And then the whole time. We're just trying to convince the client that this is not a bust. Yeah, Don't worry. It's a weird time. It's like people are going away for vacation. So it's like it's the middle of the day. I did that once. I'll just say the name I did it with our buddy Richard from Pyramids to be she and I just started working at twin suicide. Maybe a year before. Um, And so I think it was New Year's Eve of 2014 into 2015. I think that's correct. Oh, really? I was there for a soup can collection thing for a food drive. That's nice, But it was New Year's Eve. As I recall, it was New Year's Eve. And it was the evening No. So Richard and I, I as I recall, if I'm remembering this all well, had some quality time together. We got to know each other. It was fun here. Had a good time, but the whole time I was like, Oh, man. Yeah, And I think he might have been thinking like, Oh, sorry that we had you out here on this kind of a day when we're not getting a lot of foot traffic, right? It happens What it happens. Speaking of foot traffic, Bill Cosby walked right out of jail yesterday. Oh, God, I just can't even Believe this no one there wasn't even a build up story to this. Like we might get out. This appeal was happening. Well, I knew they would appeal. Absolutely. But again in prison for three years or jail. Whatever. Nearly Yeah. No, he was in prison for sure. But the pen Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned his conviction. I mean, it's so this has got to be so awful for the victims, especially on the one woman, Andrea Constand. Who this trial was, you know all about, but there were like 70 women who came forward and on a technicality. He doesn't serve his full sentence. Yeah, I mean, just it's very frustrating. I think one of the last stories as I am looking forward on on TMZ and realizing how shocking it was when everybody found this out yesterday. Um, maybe the last story before that release was from March of this year. Oh, my gosh. No, it wasn't. My word. It was may not March May 27th of this year and the headline on TMZ read. Bill Cosby denied parole. So if you saw that headline a month ago, you just thought all right. Well, I guess that's not ever going to happen. And then he goes from that to being just walking at least So he was sentenced for what 10 years. Yeah. 3 to 10 years, Okay? And so he did. Almost three. If you're the the prosecutor, you gotta be like just feeling really bad about this because what? What actually, was it, um That So there was another got overturned. There was another case where he had a deal going on with that a different prosecutor. And then, uh, that They got him to confess to buying Quay ludes, drugging women, They said. If you tell us this You know you won't go to jail essentially. But then the civil case with Andrea Constand Stead was a different prosecutor, and they used his statements where he admitted to that against him when they promised him, another prosecutor promised him. That they would never use it in court, and they did. So That's the situation. The technicality that got the entire thing overturned, but they didn't know how many people were going to come forward at the time. That prosecutor also was focused just on that case for that. Victim. So That's what Elizabeth Rees told us today in the dirt alert. Oh, my gosh. Well, we do have, um So first of all, the court ruled what I'm reading is that He was denied that protection against self incrimination. So that's what basically comes down to all of these deals that they make. Doesn't it feel slimy? Yeah, it is, But it's a game that they all play. Yeah. Because it's all about you know, the prosecutor will give you that wanting to get the the conviction to some degree and then the defense attorneys wanting to do the best for their clients, and everybody deserves representation. It's just it's I just feel bad because people wouldn't like other criminals wouldn't come forward or people wouldn't come forward. That were involved in crimes without any assurance that they weren't going to go to jail. So that's why deals happen. It's just but but it's okay for it to feel. Jackie? Yeah. You know what? I'm even people who take a deal Who Swear that they're innocent. Take the deal because they think they're going to lose. If they go to trial. Mm. And their lawyers are pretty sure they're going to end up with a harsher sentence. So it's just that's crazy. This script, this whole system, and here's what it looked like yesterday, right After Cosby was driven, was released from prison, he was driven to his home in Elkins Park. It's about 25 miles away from the prison, where he was serving his sentence. He was helped out of the car while wearing a maroon T shirt had baggy blue pants. Thank you, NBC news for the who were best. Cosby then emerged from the house, They say. A short time later, wearing a T shirt of Central High School in Philadelphia, a handful of supporters cheered him with shouts of which is, of course, in homage to the animated character that voice fat Albert supporters out there. Oh, for sure. In fact, I was reading from TMZ. I mean, Phylicia Rashad, a big time supporter of his his TV wife, T. M's. He was saying that they spoke with someone in the speaking gig. Industry. And they think that, uh, though he will have a limited market of who would want to book him that he should still be able to spend fetch 10 to 15 grand for an appearance in probably 20 grand for a speaking, engage unbelievable. Unbelievable. Well and speaking of Phylicia Rashad, she tweeted. Finally, a terrible wrong is being righted. A miscarriage of justice corrected Well, then she got a lot of backlash with a lot of people pointing out that he wasn't released because he was innocent. And so she started to backpedal a little bit, saying that she fully supports survivors of sexual assault assault coming forward, But unfortunately, this type of thing I feel like and I hope it's not the case. I feel like it will keep people from coming forward. If, like no matter what you do, Yeah, you won't get justice. It just feels really awful. So Hot start to the show today, in case anybody was feeling those fourth of July vibes. We just blew those candles out. Hey, we don't we just report and that's exactly right. All right. I've got some good stuff for us to get into next and things that make.

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