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Sixty seconds to go. This place is a madhouse. Fasten the Broncos. Back from the dead. They had taken a twenty two nineteen lead over the raiders. Just can't hear that enough kicker. Brandon McManus as the hero this one kicking a go ahead field goal with seconds left in that game. And after the win he talked about working with holder, Marquette king laces outlays is out and kicking under pressure. He did a great job this off season working to get back to a righty kicker. You've ever held for righty kicker. So he's done a great job worked really hard for me. Guess he held okay today. Repetition or redundancy. Give me a sense for the mindset going out there with a kick on and basically a game on your foot. Yeah. Well, I said the extra point before the test our with the same pretty much the same pressure. I don't kick that they don't kicking the tie the game. And so obviously, there's a little less because he said I can still tie the game. But no my mind had already made a big kick for the game. And you know, it just kind of go out there and do the same thing when you know, the game is probably going to hang in the balance or something that you do and you're still ninety yards away from it. How do you deal with that just basically waiting for your ninety years away? But the thing is, you know, how much time you have to get ninety yards and get you know, my spot that I gave them you know, pre game. And then Greg for the drive. So you know, like, Tim, I don't even know how far the last play was baby twenty five thirty yards. He ran, you know, if you've got that from the tenure of the forty Rome was talking about rains already Broncos kicker Brandon McManus after kick in that game winning field goal against the raiders the Broncos undefeated through two weeks, but this win over the Oakland Raiders was a little rough around the edges of the Broncos failing to score until the second half. Was the Broncos Dave Logan joins us now to get a little more into the perspective in the action. Good morning. Dave. Boy, I tell you what that was a heck of a Finnish. It's like the Broncos couldn't get out of their own way. But when it came down to getting it done, they did they got it done. You know, you look at the first half. I think they had five possessions for were three and outs. As you said, they couldn't get anything going on offense or down twelve nothing. But I thought in the second half they came out made made a bunch of plays. They had four possessions in the second half all scoring drives. And the last two I mean, they did exactly what they had to do. The raiders had opportunities to win that game. I mean, they dropped passes. And they played like a team that didn't expect to win the Broncos frankly played like a team that thought they would find a way to win down the stretch. Did you have concerns about the defense after the first half? Well, I think April there on the field too long. I think it was it was hottest game in Broncos history. So so when you put that in you factor that into start with and then you say the defense was on the field for more than twenty minutes and thirty seconds of a possible, thirty minutes at first half. I thought they wore down a little bit. Yes. Always concerns about you know, when when teams moved the ball you look at the defense to say what's going on. But the offense didn't hold up there into the bargain in the first half. I I also think that we have a really high grading level when it comes to the Broncos defense. I mean, they gave up twelve points in the first half. And even though the raiders made some plays. They kept them in the game. Because they force him to kick field goals a couple of times. So I just thought they were out in the field way. Too much in the first half. Dave Jared Ville deer there, right? Tackle goes out then Indu concussion protocol, and it just seemed like the offensive line. Didn't miss a beat even when that happened. How do you evaluate the way that unit played? Well, again, I think it's really I think it's two straight weeks Mike that they played pretty well now between get anything going off this way in the first half run the ball, and they really had a hard time protecting as well. But I think generally speaking, I don't ever I don't hadn't seen the tape of the game. But generally speaking when you take into consideration how they played last year and how they've played in the first two games this year. I mean, they they've played pretty well protected case of they wind up rushing for believers one hundred sixty eight yards. They did at a fifty three yard run by Philip Lindsay, which helped that average right, but still own all I think the offensive line has played well case had kind of a sort of an uneven game. He had a lot of drop passes those to which is frustrating. But again when it came to getting them down the field and getting it done. He did that he's got that almost like that. Just that drives saying I've got to take it upon myself with my teammates to get what we finally need. Yeah. He's you know what I just a game. Or he's a guy that he can go through stretches. This'll be my valuation. Case in two games. Right. Really early in his Broncos career, but he can go through stretches where you're like. Okay. Maybe this is not going to be his day. Or what is he doing? Or what what did he see on that play? And then just when you start to wonder whether or not it's going to happen. He'll step up. Make clutch throws. He'll hold the ball. The last minutes. You'll take a shot in the pocket deliver the ball. With accuracy. I agree. I thought too many dropped passes. They've got to get that cleaned up for sure. But listen to last two drives we haven't seen a lot of that in Denver. The last couple of years in terms of fourth quarter comebacks with pressure to lose the game. If you don't get it done, and they've been able to do it and way to go Brandon McManus. All right. We'll chat with you ahead of the ravens game on Friday. Dave, thanks, guys. Next for the Broncos for road game of the season. They will play the Baltimore Ravens kickoff at eleven AM..

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