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Either charlie hedges here with the next. After charlie and we are in episode. Two that is being aired. While i am in uganda working with our ugandan staff our leaders and all people with the boots on the ground and paul. And i have prerecorded some of the some important thoughts that that i have before leaving last week we talked about. What is my next chapter all about today. We're going to talk about why wells of life in uganda. Why do i go to you again. We talked last time about influence and impact. Today we're going to talk very specifically about a specific kind of influence in specific kind of infant impact. And that's for the poorest of the poor in uganda. So let me turn it over to producer. Paul to lead us on. So you're there while we're listening to this. You're doing the work and we're trying to imagine the heck is he doing there. You've been there before you've made this commitment a big commitment of financial commitment a physical commitment a time commitment to go there. What is the impact you hope to make in this trip. Let me step back and say the opportunity of working with the poorest of the ports. It's called you know. In in developing world languages called the bottom billion and that many the bottom billion. Oh it is. It is and where the average wage is In the neighborhood of two to three dollars a day and and and that. It's not like that. Money goes a long way two to three dollars. A day doesn't go along way in any economy and and yet when you go to uganda and you we we work. We don't working in urban uganda. We don't work where there's money and all there's not a lot of money. There's a lot opportunity or whatnot. There is more but we work in rural and when i say rural it is dirt. Rutted roads a minute it takes. It takes an hour to do a fifteen minute drive and we're out in the jungles and sparse villages and sparse hut. No running water less. Not even no running. We provide water. It's dirty water water..

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