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MLB NHL NBA and MLS seven major league soccer for those of you that don't help at all close their locker rooms to the media temporarily there are some in the media who are afraid that they'll make it a permanent ban I do not think that that's going to happen and several high profile athletes have come out support of the media saying it's essential for us to be able to develop a relationship with the media to be able to make sure our stories are told accurately and to be able to have a dialogue where it's not just at a press conference setting so I think once corona passes that this will end up getting lifted today Josh Donaldson came out on the field everyone was standing like Jim Boylan the bulls because it's NBA protocol had to make all the media be like eight feet away at minimum and Josh Donaldson walked out in front of the dugout with the twins this morning at spring training and said guys moving here and they were all literally a foot away he goes come on that's I'm not that guy I'm healthy I feel good coming here and fire your questions away that leads us to mesa Arizona where we find our friend intrepid reporter cubs insider Jesse Rogers just say good morning cap what's happened pal do pal nice talking with you so as it impacted the way the cubs go about their business and has it impacted you in god's own garden and everybody else out there yeah I mean it has it has yesterday was the first day they didn't open the locker room and so in the media room they brought out Anthony Rizzo they brought out David Ross they actually brought out Stephen Seuss that was just more baseball related because uses you're trying to come back from a devastating injury Rawson and Rizzo were were mostly about this new normal wear in this New World War in and for now at least temporary and it's weird cap because we were some of the fittest athletes and they're not really susceptible to it right now in a really damaging way I guess you could put it so that they're not feeling it altered do all they're all that's going on is they're being told you've got to do this you've got to do that we've got to be careful but no one around your wrist feeling it no one has an aunt or an uncle that has you know I'm saying so it's it's it goes back and forth between yes it's serious too okay this is really going to happen we're gonna play without fans in the stadium and that was something raise it was adamant about he said he used the words I'm gonna fight that if they if they bring that up and and Sousa said the same thing and Ross I mean nobody wants to play at the stadiums but of course if this thing keeps going in and in our wrong you're in the wrong direction and they're gonna be told you're gonna have to play in empty stadiums are gonna have to cancel games so that you get what I'm saying it's like no one there's no art no one can feel this personally there's no it's not a perfect affecting players anything like that but we know what's affecting the world at large and so you got to deal with that and what you mentioned about the media I mean look the media reporters in general are paranoid about access being denied any day of the week for any reason so now that it's been denied for this and everyone understands why you just worry that when when this you know passes they're going to start not banning it completely but you know what we like the idea of a half hour for the median seven hour work ten minutes instead of twenty that you know they they they might get ideas from this and implement them after this this complete ban is over but nobody thinks it will just banned the media from locker rooms that that will change the course of of how you know sports are covered completely so I don't think that's going to happen but it starts to give them ideas out let's meet in the locker room with looks like least limited a little bit more so stuff like that goes through our minds yeah no question and I understand that the you know the the the average fan out there is like yeah whatever the media exactly yeah totally you know I really don't care but it's cool like Joey Votto came out yesterday and if you saw his statement Joey Votto statement was amazing about how important the reporter athlete relationship is how he needs to be able to walk up to Jesse Rogers and if he has a problem with something you wrote have a honest discourse where he said not in a press conference setting we're we're together day to day we develop a relationship and a trust I thought it was great yeah I would say just a gas eighty five to ninety percent of the players would feel that way I mean for every nine they do there's a guy like John lackey that probably and I don't mean to throw John lackey on the bus but we know it probably rather not have the median black or white he could care less about getting his message out you know so I would say ninety percent maybe one out of every ten players would be against it but most are really a comedy Rizzo mention the same thing that bottle did yesterday basically in the same manner and and so did Susan any other PGA players I've talked I mean most accommodating most are really nice there's that that one out of every whatever you know maybe one or two one eighteen they're like forget it I'm not talking to you I don't need you guys get out of my face right we all know there's there's a cop on every team like that cubs don't have many I will say that they don't they they're there that's a really good group and I'd be shocked if if more than one out of the twenty five or twenty six man roster would say anything different that night the media deserves to be in here they get a message out they tell our stories in fact I told it to you Darby story today I can only do if I was in there shooting the you know what with them the guy can guess your blood type I meeting you just from your personality I would never have gotten that story if I could not have some one on one contact with you Darby so it's it's it's hard hitting stories like that cap that we need to be in the locker room for yet so it's like I don't even know my blood type I don't either do you know you're baptized Danny no I just ask my wife she knows it she knows your of course Tyler Chatwood wife knew his no other player could even find theirs and they even tell the story in there we still calls his mom the first thing he says is mom you know my blood type and she freaks out like why is my son asking for his blood type is only one actually when he's a cancer survivor right right so C. three thousand no no no no your garbage wants to get my blood type was hard to test them because only Chatwood and they think road with New his blood type but Darby said he didn't know where well enough to guess if you really have to know you that's why he said he knew Hendrix and you care team because he talks to those to the most Chris do you know your blood type I'd have to look it up I have no idea that you know what I got I get my next physical I think in June deter June or September I got a look I'm gonna ask I think I should probably know my blood type yes so you would think the cubs have medical charts are so detailed that happen but they don't and the reason is I'm from what I was told as you can so quickly identify someone's blood type right a **** you know it couldn't give more how you know what Jesse buy a **** I like manly space says but you could quickly identified that they don't keep them on the charge that's what I was told so no no no the cubs you know medical people have there the players blood type but it's like you don't you need it so anyway if you have type A. you're organized type B. your laid back type are maybe type I was laid back type AB was weird I asked Darvish which probably would have typed a piece that you know how he thinks the in app would be type baby so that's a weird party trick you could only get that story if you're in the locker room so there's my case for staying in the locker room there you go in terms of costs what do you expect there anybody is the scene Miller is there somebody we go wow I didn't think that guy had a chance he's going to make the team especially with twenty six guys now yeah here's the thing here's my crazy theory Josh Phegley right the third catcher the only reason I am this is out out there I don't think it's it's it's going to happen necessarily but Victor Kerry teeny is turned into such a weapon at the plate that when you only carry two catchers you really have to be careful with that second guy you have to hold them back let's say you have a sixth inning pinch hitting opportunity you have three catchers center teeny out there you have two catchers maybe I'll wait it may be that great opportunity to come in the eighth or ninth inning that be the only then I'm just I've not asked anybody I'm just thinking outside the box I'm telling you this is get this guy's been the best hitter at camp from both sides of the plate going to the right field from the as a righty going to left field as it left him using the whole field power Lupin hits in their you know not striking out I've been so impressed with Victor Caratini I'm thinking they should carry three catchers to get him in the lineup more he will probably catch garbage you're seen catch at least once a week in maybe even twice a week because we know that you know Wilson has worn down in past years so that means that me my outside the box you know if he makes it you cut this guy also discussed would be the guy that probably be you know on the cutting floor but he makes three million so I'm not sure that's going to happen last year they basically cut Brian dancing was making that much so it you know it can happen it's not like you know three million to ten million but right now I think I think that's the outside the box move to I don't begin Miller's gonna make it I think would be the case keep three catchers but I I feel like they don't want to do that unless you're thinking along the same lines I am right there so Jesse you mentioned the three million not sure they want to do that and I never understood that because it is a sunk cost the money is guaranteed it's not like if we could only save three million you have to pay the a guy anyway any socks then who cares yeah it's a great point when it when it comes to playing time to write during those years were Jason Heyward was it you know now even making so much but not producing what what's the difference you put on the bench you're paying him twenty million to be on the bench and the guy right feels gonna probably make seven hundred thousand so what's the difference right I I I agree with that thinking to an extent now the difference here is you cut the three million you have to add another salary on top of it right you have to pay his replacement again could be making minimum money so it's it's it's minimal investment at that point unless you're bringing a guy for a million or two million and then all of a sudden it's a four five million dollar situation paying discounts so in the guy replacing him so all of that is in play cap and and and frankly they might do it they might do it but we know with any move money is part of the equation the more you make the less likely gonna be benched or less likely you'll be cut three million isn't all that much so that's why I'm saying that we discussed was the guy especially on you know you have Kipnis from the website starting at second your body from the right side as his compliment you know where's the scouts those place obviously as a pinch hitter along with Susan are you know maybe have that lefty righty convert the combination with carotene around discusses that even your best pinch hitter so there isn't much of a role so there there there might be a situation where he gets cut someone else makes the pitching staff got a boost yesterday because Tyler Chatwood was really good the numbers look great I watched some of it at TV was he as good as it looks yeah I'm very efficient very efficient he was it was probably the best that he's booked this spring a reminder of late last remember that guy's got light but his fastball ninety five ninety six movement can spin the ball it.

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