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WJR Detroit. Sunny skies eighty two degrees good evening I'm Ken Rogulski WJR news police in Novi are investigating a suspicious death of a year, old woman inside. The no by medals mobile home. Park Melissa Gaskins is a? Neighbor there are we safe in, here, you, know if possible. Drug overdose murder suicide we. Don't know so that too many questions you know police say her boyfriend Thirty-seven-year-old j.. Allen Burnett is a person of interest he's driving. A two thousand and five silver Cadillac DeVille with the. Michigan plate BCC seven eight zero eight Warren police have arrested six. Suspects after a string of pizza. Delivery Robberies since July there have been four robbery some at gun point of pizza delivery drivers around Van Dyke in tow for four suspects were arrested by. Warren special operations unit Friday today police using. Search warrants arrested. Two juveniles and south Warren the incident in converse callers were sent to sent the. Pizza and a vacant houses. Where they were robbed at gunpoint the, man who ran former McComb. County public. Works Commissioner Anthony Morocco's failed reelection bid has been indicted in a widening probe of corruption Detroit metropolitan airport Angelo Di Allesandro fifty, four was charged. With failing to report a felony. He's accused of knowing about? Wire fraud but failing to tell, it, to, federal investigators DL. Asandra was charged with a. Criminal information, which means a deal is in the works Anthony Morocco has not been. Charged with a crime the family of a music. Legend is asking for prayers the friends and family of. The Queen of soul have gathered at her bedside sources confirmed WJ News Aretha Franklin is, in grave condition in recent years the seventy six year old Franklin has battled several serious health problems she said, she'd be retiring from concerts, in two twenty seventeen she, last, performed in November of. Two thousand seventeen she. Was born in Memphis Tennessee in nineteen forty two relocated to Detroit before she was five years, old at eighteen she was signed to Columbia records Marie, Osborne WJR, news. Brenda Jones can keep her job at Detroit city council as, president while she. Fills out, the. Remaining. Two months of John Connors term the Detroit corporation. Counsel Lawrence Garcia wrote that it's permissible, under Michigan law but gercy also says Jones should consult the house of representatives ethics committee or the house parliamentarian in Washington for further. Clarification President Trump has signed a national defense authorization. Bill named after Republican Senator John McCain while visiting soldiers. At fort drum army base in New York the president says the creation of the, American space Force was necessary to retain space dominance in order to, maintain America's military supremacy we must always be on the cutting edge that is why we are also proudly. Reasserting America's legacy, of leadership in space our foreign competitors and adversaries have already begun weaponising space did you know the Detroit zoo is now the home to the. Giant Japanese salamander WJR's Elizabeth Crenshaw has the story.

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