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More in the Saint Louis blues Stanley Cup final win. If there was one thing I think the United hockey fans all you hockey fans about that blues win it was Brad Marchand crying after the fact and I'm not sure I like it. That's all straight ahead. On the Steve Warren project, presented by phases magazine Jim K Ford all insurance, Ontario, and Rb computing how you doing Jimmy? Let's go. Let's go pal. It's the US open. Okay. The US Open's on. Right. Is that gonna tradition like any other or glories lash does it have a name all that Pell all that? You know, hey dad, hey dad, we're out of food. And this is Thursday where the food. When you go grocery shopping, Sunday night at eight o'clock so piss off. Okay. Get away. You're old enough to forge for themselves. Yeah, you're fine. You know, and, and see if you can go a few days, without the required medicine that you need. Okay, I'm busy here. I'm busy watching that and no tweet Steve. Okay. No tweets. Okay. People are having get into this thing, okay? When they're sports on, which is now it's packed Stevie fuck. Compact. Okay. Got the raptors tonight yet, you know last night was the Stanley Cup final Saint Louis wins. And now we got the US open. Okay. No tweedy no tweedy about what's going on with each event. Okay. Don't send me messages. But did you see that boys two shots in the lead now? You know, I mean, I've may be watching, you know, live I may not be stop it. Well, don't be on Twitter, then if you're if you're in a mode of not watching things live, don't be on Twitter. Well, I gotta figure out how I you know, I, I need my phone I got stuff. I gotta. I got a job I need my phone. What I gotta figure out what you're gonna drop the banners. You know, that's the that's the issue I go to look at my phone because I hear an Email or something coming in the being in the then pops up, you know what a what a three nothing Saint Louis and I haven't looked just drives me bananas. I wonder how many people are actually following like the results of games by Twitter like there's lots of media guys go blue score. Again it's now to nothing McKay. If I care about the score chances are I'm watching it, if I'm not watching it, and I care about the score. I don't want you to give it to me precisely. Yeah. Precise, it makes my skin crawl just, you know, just just watch the game yourself. Watch it yourself enjoy it. I don't I don't need to give me updates. Okay. Like your fucking weatherman or some, you know, twenties for takes Twitter's for thoughts. Twitter's for reaction. It's not just like. Blue Blue's one Boston. Nothing. Okay. I what have we did this podcast like that in takes thoughts on things we stories? Yeah. Very Jimmy, Boston one. Blue's knows gore. That's fun. Or updating you know or up updating my, I got a I start to update my every ten minutes when I'm watching my one of the famous Netflix series, you know. Oh yeah, I'm in the mood for some net flicks this weekend. Jimmy, what do you got for me? I'll tell you what I'm onto a new one. I binged as they say the series I'm into the fourth season. Six shows can't season line of duty line of duty pretty good show. Pretty good show. Yes. About police corruption. It's another British crime drama, very good. Very good. You know really couple weird things in it. Those Steve, you know, I love these series. They're fantastic. But, but what they tend to do every once in a while you'll you'll have these really, you know, really well thought out plots where they leave you hanging, you're not you're the you're not sure if this character is a bad dude, or if they're good or if they're guilty of something or not. But, but then, you'll have these scenes in it where it's like all over here, we come to a showdown, he's going to you might shoot this guy. And then he then he smashes his face into a brick and chases the guide through a warehouse and shoots him. Second. That's you don't let me. Yep. You've been dragging me hope for five shows here. You know, over sudden guys, you know, I know what I'll do to mix everyone up this stupid, lame duck fricken seen. So they record sometimes. But it's a very good show lined duties good. All right. And blah, look at the one, I'm looking at right now is good omens on. If you've seen any trailers for it, it's coming from Amazon's. I guess Amazon's got on on that flicks thing. Exactly. Prime and I had to sign up to get it. And I'm pretty sure right now, Jimmy that you know what? Income I have that. But seventy percent of it is now going to me signing up for free trials of things and then forgetting to cancel it within the first month of the trial. So there anyway, I got Amazon video under those circumstances and saw this show called good omens. It's a six episode series and Francis McDormand plays the voice of it like kind of. Wonder years narrator playing God. And it's about two angels, who I think are trying to save earth from being destroyed the anti Christ rising and all that, frankly, I gotta say, not a fan. So I cannot even though it's getting big time. It's getting all kinds of great reviews, and it's getting certainly lots of hype in the way of promo, not exactly my favorite. Well primes trying to catch up to Netflix Stevie. Right. Netflix is the best thing ever. That's come along. Life's better than the birth of my children, hands down. Clearly that that, that this thing came along. I love it. So prime. Amazon prime tried to hook in. I'll tell you the good series now they're nowhere Near Net flicks yet, but Goliath is an excellent series on Amazon prime really good series oak. I really good series. Yeah. So what's it about? It's what's his name. He's a lawyer sort of a washed up, Laura takes on these cases he lives in L A. Billy Bob Thornton is okay. I like him great yacht, great job that he did terrific series terrific series. I'd be I've become the go to guys, the Cisco of your Ebert, or whatever it is. I'll be interesting to see of Netflix hangs in there because they of course, are now getting competition from apple, which is trying their own net. Flicks thing and Disney doing same and they got a long way to go. But the apple for example, they have, like something like two billion devices out there, which is a lot when, when one compares it to net flicks which has about one hundred million in the way of subscribers. So I think apple has an opportunity potentially for success and is great for guys like us, who love the content the more the merrier. You know you've arrived. Steve in the in the big bad ass world of business. You've arrived when on your remote at home under Ramon, there's a button that says net Netflix. It's true. You know what I mean? I mean, how, how do you get that going right? So while you become synonymous with the product, right because if people use that reference to Netflix and chill on unless you've been living at Iraqi. No. That means you go home and watch moving movies, and have sex. So but Netflix is the name now. Right. Just as you know, we don't say tissue. We say Kleenex brand name becomes the thing. Then, you know you've done the best possible job and the only, you know, you're talking about the thirty days or I get that. I get that, too. I sign up for all that stuff. And the hook is, you know, give us a try. It's a free trial. You know, check it out. No commitment, what they're forgetting. There is, is giving us a try and you're gonna you're gonna find it very difficult to get out of this. Is what it should say. What it should say. Because if you forget to, you know, you have to do a bunch of logging on once a clicking Steve a bunch of shit around there. Get me out of this thing. All you would have a big 'cause I, I mean, I'm fairly internet savvy, and I have had a couple of cases like I say, I do sign up for a lot of these free trials. Oh my God. Some of them the hoops, you have to jump through to get this thing, unsigned unbelievable. Yup. The other one is the other one is, you know, is I I get emails all day with, with advertisements west Jenn Air Canada. You know, whatever else I get there. You know, Canada flowers is one of the big ones, I get Steve everyday so you, you blog onto the thing and I'm trying to find. Okay. I'm trying to find where I can unsubscribe. Okay. So what I have to do to find that Steve is a head to get a microscope. Okay. And I had to put it on the microscope. Nope. To find the fucking word that says GM swearing lots of to find the word that says unsubscribe. Okay. And, and when you do click on that you gotta go nine more times to do something else. You know, they got up got to knock that off should be simple. Okay is unsubscribe? Get me out of here. Totally agree. Not an I'm not someone who necessarily likes to jump on. You know, guys our age. Yeah. That's, that's a cottage industry complaining about technology. I'm not really that guy. But I agree with you in this particular case, some of them, and it's, it's obviously financially driven, obviously want people leaving you. It's just like calling up and one of the, the bells of the Rodgers of the world, the I'd like to stop. I'd like to stop subscribing to this. I'd like to cut that service off. Well, my God, it's a twenty minute ordeal versus like I'd like to sign up for this service. Oh, hello? How are you? That's right. Yeah, there's a great. There's a comedian a buddy of mine who, who talks about the health, how fast and how quickly they update phones, you know, for the obvious we gotta keep your buying our new phone. You know, the iphone one is now they up to ten eleven iphone ten eleven something like that it's over town. It's over ten so Evans passed right they get their brand new. So he says this is how it works. So you're, you're in the apple store and the guy and you get your brand new phone. Okay. You get your brand new phone. You're the first guy there on the very first day and knew I got my iphone ten and you do the deal and you pay for it. And as you're walking out the sales guy, you know, sort of watches you leave the store. Once you disappear goes bring out the eleven's bring out the eleven so bring about, you know, and then when that comes out they got the truck the truck, but the twelve right at the back door. Now, everything's obsolete. By the time he gets your car for sure. All right. Let's jump in here a little. I got some NHL talk on the way. Liam McGuire to join us as well, when remind people that faces magazine is an absolutely gorgeous magazine..

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