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I think they'd be smart to keep them in the year particular with Brian health you how he continues. But right now, you don't need that other roster spot for anybody. It would just be someone in active on game day. So you might as well keep tobacco make him an active on game day. Bryant gets healthy and see how Bryant does for the rest of the year. If he's the same guy, we know in you know, that going forward he's done do that next year. It makes it difficult to keep the roster. Spot open for a second kicker, but at the same time, I think having him in the system next season keeping him around the offseason you allow Bryant to figure out whether he wants to continue to play. I think for him. He has an out every year in that contract to decide if he wants to retire. I think he may still wanna play if he knows the team is going to be really good next year. Again, if we went to a Super Bowl somehow in two thousand twenty and Matt Ryan wasn't our kicker. It would feel really weird because it's like he's in there for the entire time. And you've wanted to be a part of that want to have a really good year next year if when everybody's? Healthy knock on wood. Like you want him to be there? You want him to be the kicker 'cause to like to you a lot. He's awesome. That's like you wouldn't feel quite right? But at the same time if Matt Bryant continues to make that slow down hill with his age, which is very natural. It'd be very understandable considering where he is. And you get to a point where you know, tobacco's to like the Bengals or something or the Texans or somebody doesn't have a great kicker in is like they're great kicker for the next ten fifteen years. You kinda like the falcons miss that. It's only the can't find another picker you get one in the draft or you can go maybe look for somebody else. But I don't know it just feels like he showed a lot of promise in that giant twin, and he made some pretty long feels old guy who had just gotten in the system, and he's kinda mayor with the falcons what want on special teams. I I'm hesitant to let him go. Now, I think there should hold onto the year Harry to kickers and then go in the nineteen bigger things out with Vecchio under contract for that entire season. So. Oh, you know, the only way he's leaving. If is if you want to leave. But you know, we'll see what they'll do. It's the falcons they never exactly what you are expecting. But it's always it's always the move. The falcons are going make that you know, as we wind down or conversation here. Let's talk about the season as a whole we've talked a lot about the reflection of what we've seen. Let's try to look into the future though bit. Where's your honest assessment of where the same goes like if you had to look and say all right from Sunday's game at Washington to the season finale against Tampa Bay where where are the falcons it?.

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