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Buy good will and the act comes Herman guest hosting for Rush Limbaugh he network thank you for having it is sought Herman filling in for Rush Limbaugh you seen in in government schools around the country in efforts to divorce gender from sex and this is had some unbelievably surprising and somewhat scare results there's been about a four thousand percent increase in kids who are identifying as a gender separate from their their biological sex and on the west coast in in areas around the country there in fact places where kids can get our hormone treatment without parents will consent serving at the age of thirteen surgery starting at age fifty of taxpayer supported if they're citizens of that state so this can sound like well white this is in affect us it does because there's an effort of course to have this be taxpayer funded around the country ought reached out to experts in pediatric his name is John white hall he is a professor of pediatrics at western Sydney university he's a fifty year career fifteen years he was director of the neonatal intensive care in Townsville north Queensland which included resuscitation and save lives around the country is widely regarded as perhaps the most respected pediatrician in Australia recently he had said that medical icing that is surging hormones for kids who believe that they are different sacks is perhaps the greatest medical scandal that we've seen in our lifetime and professor white hall joins us now super early in Australia thank you for joining us professor you're you're welcome or you're a bit too generous in your introduction you're welcome well I I'm just reading what I've read about you in what's explain to people what's the what is going on to young people and let's start with this idea of this application what's called puberty blockers which in our country the FDA has not approved for this use this this stops do I understand are also affected brain development or does but this is completely ignored us and like UPS conspiracy of silence well the proponents of its use because it is being southern than scientific literature I didn't write this stuff I'm just relaying it to you there are researchers throughout the world especially in Glasgow knows goes low for example who have shown that there is a sustained interruption with the function of the limbic system in shape when you put them on to blockers around the time of P. B. so what one knows the limbic system that's a system in your brain that coordinates emotion and thinking and rewards and ambition and the forms are kind of a world view like an identity and the poem that or did the then you make executives decisions now that is interfered with century they can demonstrate that a hundred the effect of hundreds of genes they have found in Oslo to be messed up and not surprisingly the Vichy do badly in my uses later on and they are also much more emotionally Les Paul this is a really important thing because of the my sheep are much more gung ho risk taking and the female she is she a much more anxious and use with ylides now we know who the children when we know you're not like these other people's reports not Monday seventy five percent of the children who expressed confusion of the gender are also suffering from diagnosed psychiatric illnesses mental disorders such as anxiety and depression even schizophrenia so this is on a already very vulnerable group of young people by their own internal made dual disorders and usually associated with family disruption and other things and now you putting them on to puberty blockers which you're going to affect the limbic system the judgment and so forth and make them more emotionally vulnerable so what are we doing this allegedly to help them work out more clearly whether they're a boy or a girl and whether they want to reproduce later on then this is a sensible thing this is biologically implausible this is child abuse in my opinion because you they're putting these blockers the putting children as young as ten in the house young is when the story was ten in the house who went on to blockers in order to helping things right and its biologically implausible and the UN research easy to use this going to work it's gonna make him worse well we're on that can I just say the next step in this pathway this sort of escalation of medical intervention for childhood and gender dysphoria the next step which comes after this but at an increasing the younger age is the administration of cross sex hormones now the another words east region to a boy in the and and just suffered will go though the literature is filled with all sorts of complications of that to do with susceptibility to thrombosis other takes and so forth but the you do not mention the dissing of exquisite importance the effect on the number one old man which is the brain now again not my research but ignored so conspiracy of silence by the proponents of this people have shown that if you put an adult my own onto a stretcher in the brain shrinks at a rate ten times faster than aging after only four months now these are not my words these the MRI studies and we are putting these children all in these cross sex hormones at the age of the enormous brain growth and development that is to say through adolescence and and and what's going to happen well are you seeing we know that the suicide rate is much higher in adults who have undergoing Trajan during surgery now that I mean this one twenty times higher it's it's proven and every one of the proponents say well let's because that's helpful because we we don't accept them well that's nonsense the that raises his the whole that heart rate is in the most accepting six countries like Holland and Belgium and so forth another thing the other thing they don't want to talk about is well hang on a second you have interfered with the limbic system you have made this person is already vulnerable person more emotionally stable you as front he's Brian will be defeated with their bright may be the treatment itself has so influence the functioning of the brain that this person no longer feels that life is worth living there also some things that are not talked about in processes on white holes with this taught him a thing from Rush Limbaugh western Sydney university professor pediatrics are good just two minutes you're not enough time for this you professor you gots a petition signed by two hundred of fellow medical practitioners looking for the Australian government to all the tribunal on this all talk about what happens once that that petition became so well regarded in sign so often nothing would redo does look to our politicians for understanding of this nor of support because of the job the big hit because they are about to post lowers even more draconian here then you then the laws that would prefer would pro here the the the lord's controlling the way you manage those children what were you it in the state of Queensland they're about to pass a lore which will put a person who does not refer a child who's confused every gender does not put them under the pathway of hormones and surgery if we don't do that then you concise and eighteen months time in jail on believe even you don't have that serve other look to help politicians for understanding or support in this we we have to start raising like a movement greater duty of care movement where analyze a doctor's greater duty of care obeying the government or in refusing to send children under that pass way of medical escalation is unbelievable ends in this in this country kids in in as quick as forty five minutes can be put on the path of this of the so called gender therapist our professional white hall this is the first step you talking I'd states I hope you'll do more this and I want to thank you for being brave because there are a lot of people who know it's wrong there are endocrinologist in our country who've lost their board seats they've lost their jobs there are journalists who lost their jobs for daring to even talk at this and I thank you Sir for the bottom my heart for sharing this and I hope people heard it so I'm I'm very happy to be on your program I love your country Sir and not only because I've got to grand children who are infected Americans well then we we need to get you over here into your kids this they're welcome here it's so it's such a player here all right professor John white hall which you see the university they're damn lucky to have you pre sheet you come in on the Rush Limbaugh program thank you professor Starman filling in for Rush Limbaugh on the EIB network you're listening to the EIB network you're listening to Rush Limbaugh on talk radio five sixty optima tax relief that's a place to call when you have problems with the I. 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