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8 four four 747 88 68 is our toll free telephone number that's 8 four four 747 88 68. I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. We've been following another big story. Out of the world of collegiate sports, the University of Pennsylvania nominating a man for their woman of the year award Leah Thomas. And that's got I'm telling you this whole battle over transgender athletes is rocking the sports world. I want to go to the phone lines, marshy Smith is from icons and it's an organization that's been fighting speaking out about this and defending biological female athletes, marshy so good to have you on the program today. Thank you so much for having me. What are what are some of the concerns that you have based on the news coming out now that UPenn is pretty much Tripoli down and nominating Leah Thomas for this NCAA award. Well, this nomination is truly outrageous. You know, Penn and the Ivy League have essentially been running an anti woman campaign throughout this entire season. And there has just been consistent and frequent harassment of their current women athletes, you know, they were making constant threats that any statements in opposition to their guidelines that allowed a male competitor to compete in the women's category. They were asked to be cleared through the university first. So freedom of speech was nonexistent on the team, which extended to their families. They were told to seek counseling to make themselves okay with uncomfortable feelings, changing in the locker room. They essentially surrendered Ivy League conference titles, including Ivy League woman of the meet after their conference championship, the world watched the NCAA championship title in the 500 free go to a male athlete and now this is like another kind of nail in the coffin of women's collegiate sports by this nomination for women of the year. So the conference is making a big statement on the flip side and you being in Tennessee, I'm sure I don't have to convince you too hard, but the SVC really needs a pat on the back because they have backed the university of Kentucky and Riley gained who tied for 5th place with Leah Thomas at the championship meet. In so many ways, they have encouraged her to use her free speech to speak out and object the object to the guidelines that are in place currently and they've gone so far as to award Riley missed wildcat and SEC community service leader of the year. And this is after she has publicly spoken out. And now she is a nominee on behalf of the university of Kentucky and the SEC as well for NCAA women of the.

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