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In this municipal building In the small village of mishmash near where the cedar trees burned. This year, a firefighter teaches some 55 volunteers about wildfires. That means I'm he organizes say they were inundated with applications from residents even though firefighting is dangerous, and the job is not paid. And even people far away in Beirut, the crowded and polluted capital, a worried about the cedars Lebanese people. It's the land off theaters First. Alice My cab cab, owns an art gallery and just opened an exhibition of paintings and sculptures, toe honor the cedar tree and Lebanese forests. She says they offer a sense of protection to Beirut ease. We've seen the city suffer a huge explosion in August and economic crisis and corrupt leadership. It's the sheltered in which we can find Mm. We feel secure and we have roots. We called our roots in this and she says, See the forests offer people hope. And now those two are under threat. Briefs Sherlock NPR NEWS Miche Miche, Lebanon You're listening to W n my sea. There's more all things considered right After news headlines, the fatal police shooting of Briana Taylor has inspired a movement to limit the use of no knock warrants. Do we really want to be recognizing the lives of individuals for drug searches were losing lives over this But legislation to ban know Knox may not be the solution will hear more just ahead after news headlines tonight we're going to see rain, but probably starting way after midnight will level of about 52 tonight with rain pretty much through the day tomorrow High near 62. It's 4 30..

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