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Stories and Bridgeport, we have some severe thunderstorms in parts of New Jersey's seventy at central park. This is WCBS WCBS, HD and WCBS, FM, HD, two New York. A tornado warning is set to expire in Morris and Warren county shortly after nine pm severe thunderstorms also moving through the tri-state a large powerful tornado touches down in Kansas City with residents warned to take shelter. Now. Six Bronx, high school students are sickened after ingesting brownies, believed to have been laced with marijuana. And sports. The Mets face the dodgers. Just after ten our game night. Coverage starts in the Mets Yankees trauma Padres. Five one bottom of the seventh CBS's is next more than just the headlines. This is w CBS News Radio, eight eighty it's Donna caulk. CBS news on the hour real news. Real reporting. I'm Pam Coulter may may have earned the nickname tornado Munt and another large dangerous. One is struck on the western edge of Kansas City, Kansas. Casey TV anchor Ellen McNamara. Now I'm getting reports from storms powders that we do have damaged on the ground near Bonner springs along I seventy they're saying that some of the highway signs, crumpled pieces of paper along, I seventy near Bonner springs and reports of trees that are just ripped out of the ground. No reports of injuries yet. The national weather service issued a tornado emergency for all of the Kansas City area, including part of the city in Missouri. A massive storm system is produced tornado activity for eight straight days. Earlier today, federal weather officials said there had been four hundred forty two tornadoes this month. The already swollen Arkansas river continues to rise and Tulsa, Oklahoma residents have been warned. To prepare for flooding in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Eighty-seven-year-old bug. Bud Cooksey prepared to evacuate his home. This is probably the most nerve wracking experience I've ever had in mind. Tire live in a new Washington.

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