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You're listening to the news white matters on demand. This is the news. And why why why why it matters? Hey, I'm Sarah Gonzales, welcome to the news. And why it matters. I don't think we've slept. I don't think so either. And I think we have to have this conversation that we're having just before went on the point today. All right. Sounds like a good overtime topic. On top story today. I was gonna go with the election. But I think we've already seen we've already seen. No one is going to learn their lesson all start there. Let's to was the election a win or a loss for Republicans. Andrew we're gonna talk about caucus. So the groups within the party's lots of get into, of course. But before we do that want to thank our sponsor brickhouse brick houses keeping me alive today with their product from dawn to dusk. Nobody. Nobody shared it with me. I mean, I think you could we can hook you up. Yeah. I know some people I didn't drug deal. That's the way it happened. I've got some stuff too. It happens on the streets. Hey. Trenchcoat right like an all drug deals so that their product from it onto dusk as great gives you energy without the jittery feeling that you get from coffee, but they also have field of greens, which allows not naming any names. But maybe maybe there are gentlemen at the table who don't like eating vegetables or salads, really mint ice cream, which I will also eat just without high amount of selenium right there. That's yeah. But Americans do not get enough of their daily fruits and vegetables in their diet. There's a really easy way to do that. One scoop is one.

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