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Yesterday and should he be rude removed from office? 1 802 831 on 1.5 your phone call coming up after weather in New Jersey Fast traffic. Slowing down in Manalapan on Route nine. The North downside coming in towards Taylor's Mills Road, That's a stall the right lane is closed. You got a lot of sale pan traffic on nine from Manalapan. Also down towards Lake Would. Still, this reported sponsored by the accident. Temporal scanner. Everyone's temperatures vary throughout the day. So it's important that you scream for fever in the morning and in the evening fevers a sign of covert 19. So stay safe with the accident. Temporal scanner traffic on the parkway bunching up Just a bit north. Coming in to 1 45 term by traffic, moving along pretty well. Rude one and Edison on the slow side. A crash on route 1 30 in the north. Downside. Heading in through South Brunswick, and there's still a crash in Mount Olive on Route 46 eastbound side Coming down towards Net Kong Road, Not bad across the Hudson, Tom River's New Jersey traffic North Jill Myron, New Jersey traffic self so of where he's township, 73 South is crawling at Crescent Road through to Dutch town Road. The left lane closed off with a car that broke down. South to 95 is a bumper to bumper ride from exit 28 Black horse pike down through the wigs, a 26 and that stop and go traffic because it's rush hour, also feeling the same and Lawrence Township Mercer County. Everyone self slow at Franklin Corner Road and Baker's base in New Jersey. Fast traffic every 15 minutes next, reported 503 on New Jersey one a 1.5. New Jersey, one on 1.5 instant weather, Even though a blanket of clouds will move over New Jersey Tonight, it looks like the coldest night of the last several attempts to dip into the mid to upper twenties.

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