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Associate justice of the United States Supreme Court, calling buried a woman of unparalleled achievement. The nomination as you just heard made from the White House Rose Garden. Learned a little bit more about the bio of Amy. Cockney Baron is we heard her speak as well. She would be the president says the first mother of school age Children to serve on the Supreme Court. And the president said he wants the Senate to work quickly to confirm her calling on Democrats toe work with Republicans with the hearing a hearing that by the way, we're told, could begin in his little is two weeks it would be one of the quicker Of periods of time between nomination and confirmation hearing in the last couple of decades, certainly the quickest since Justice Anthony Kennedy's Nomination and hearing back in 1987 again. President Trump from the White House Rose Garden, introducing Judge Amy Cockney Barrett. Is the next nominee to the United States. Supreme Court. You're listening to Fox news radio. Let's head back now to the White House, Rose Garden and John Decker. As you point out, no big surprises. It was Amy Cockney Barrett and we heard a little bit from the judges. Well, we did. We heard her reaching out to Senator She realizes that the next step in this process is the confirmation process, which means confirmation hearings. And that means trying to reach out to Democratic senators who were cool to the idea of the president filling this vacancy before the president. The election. But you heard from Judge Barrett, who hopes to be Justice Barrett in a few weeks that she will work with any senator and prove to them that she is worthy of this nomination from the president of the United States again, Barrett just 48 years old would be among the youngest to serve on the U. S Supreme Court. Should she be confirmed to that position? Let's listen to a little bit of what Judge Barrett sketches the few moments ago from the White House Rose Garden. Amy Cockney Barrel will decide cases based on the text of the Constitution. As written. As Amy has said Being a judge takes courage. You are not there to decide cases as you may prefer. You are there to do your duty. And to follow the law wherever.

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