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Is down 540 points. It's taking longer for homes to sell now. I'm Jeff Gable. One 18. Traffic and weather on the 8s to read a Kessler in the traffic center. Well, you might be getting a little bit of relief on the westbound span of the bay bridge. They pulled the work zone, so all three lanes are available to you on the westbound span of the bridge. Right now you do still have delays westbound that are after canton narrows. More often on in stretches trying to hit across the bridge, but callers who are traveling through that delay say it is moving a lot better. Now that they've picked up the work, eastbound looks great, coming from the 7 river bridge to the bay bridge with both of your lanes open. We do have a bit of a delay on northbound I 97 after the Hawkins road overpass, so keep an eye out for anything going on there. Northbound Baltimore, Washington Parkway slows from greenbelt road headed to powder mill road, and the interloop top side of the beltway, the delay is from Georgia avenue all the way toward New Hampshire avenue. This is the mobile crew on the right side, northbound 29, colesville road, after university boulevard, the crash was reported along the right side. If you're in Virginia delays in both directions headed toward Georgetown pike with the work in the left lane. We also have a delay on the inner loop coming out of Springfield toward Braddock road. That should be due to a work crew. Westbound 66 slows inside the beltway near the dulles connector road, the work was set up in the left lane, then a delay after the beltway headed past not least street with the work in the left lane. The eastbound backup from net league toward the beltway is that long-term work zone, that's going to be their most of the week taking the left lane of four, you go from four to three, and that's constant headed toward the beltway. Southbound 28 before 66, the work in the left lane. Callers on eastbound 7 had been stopped at near colvin run near bula's where the work is. There may be some temporary stop just going on there or possibly alternating traffic. And we also have delays back in Maryland getting across the Harry nice Mac Middleton bridge, traffic is alternating across the bridge today with the work. I'm Rita Kessler, WTO traffic. Now let's check in with storm team four's Lauren ricketts. Be on the lookout for showers and thunderstorms as we head into the afternoon and evening, they're going to become more numerous and as we get into

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