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We are the only you see your station. making it over Israeli election I'm really a Francis president trump still considering a possible military response in coordination with Saudi Arabia the attack on Saudi oil supplies from Constantinopolitan attack on the Saudi facilities with other US officials pointed to a run as being behind it may have ended any possibility that president trump would meet with Iran's president next week at the opening of the United Nations General Assembly with the crown prince of Bahrain in the oval office Mr trump emphasizing it's not the end of hope for such discussions the crown prince can tell you especially in your part of the world it's never existed until the final twelve seconds is that right that is correct if you never know what's going to happen no it's not exhausted nothing's exhausted we'll see what happens let's one of the president's favorite phrases indicating he's not made up his mind but Constantini washing Israelis have begun voting this morning in an unprecedented election that will decide whether a long time prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu stays in power he faces a stiff challenge from retired military chief Benny Gantz well seven person in the U. S. has died of abating related illness rebellion has the latest supposed to be a healthy alternative cigarettes right well turns out it's a killer Illinois senator Dick Durbin one of several senators demanding online marketplaces like eBay Craigslist and Ali Baba stop selling E. cigarettes in vaping products to teens calling eBay's response to remove the products quote lackluster at best five million high school students across the United States or using vaping products lung disease cases linked to vaping in thirty six states have prompted the CDC to activate its emergency operations center which will help strengthen the response to the health right the biggest causing across the U. S. I'm Reid pinyin reported address on the house Judiciary Committee said to hold their first impeachment investigation hearing this morning former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski scheduled to appear but two former White House aides were subpoenaed won't show up on orders from the White House I'm only a Francis. Hey there's a new type of account takeover attack called lateral fishing it's a serious threat cybercriminals hijack your email account and use it to launch phishing attacks on your internal and external contacts what if they attack us don't worry we have barracuda total email protection so were secured completely with.

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