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What? No, she's not what's cool about her vocally too. Is that sometimes she takes liberty where she does riff, and there's no break and that when she does like. Instead of way, she sometimes takes liberty with not doing the break. And I love it. I feel like she in the first part was like I gotta do the break. And when she went on. She was like, okay, I'm gonna maybe tighten it up a little bit. And then at the end, she's just like, I'll do whatever keeps you on your toes. Now, very Lagarto. I don't have anything to say about this because she didn't say anything. She didn't say the the this entire verse is her going. I have nothing to say it'll be fine luck. Good luck. Bye. Bye. Bye. The world's worst guidance counselor. Yes. Good luck by this is nine hundred eighty nine which means I guess, she at least had I don't know if you had her son, then, but I remember that when she had her first child he had like really long hair, and it was just like. What are you doing? So lean and she's a little Rene has little girl. No, no, no. No. No. No. No. No, no. This is he's too old to have like the hair ratail down to his ankles. Like, lean it up. This isn't like the Montreal ghetto. I'm Staunton the opposite side of the show. You You want want a a little little rat. kids have whatever here. They I don't think red will even make even make an ironic return. I might I might fuck around and get around to. Don't do it. Please. I'm gonna have Bob. And then there's also. And then you should wear like close teasha Campbell from urban outfitters. Yes. She doesn't make sense because teasha Campbell having a rat tail would be very disturbing. I can't even imagine. What I can't imagine that the Bob Bob rat tail combo. Yeah. It's the new mullet go, Gina Gina. There's something there. There's something on route to what is the actual there. 'cause I can't even remember it was on both Rome rate on Bob tales ring. I was like why did that pop into my head with flexible gel? We'll get there. Yeah. We'll talk about that around next Christmas. Yeah. This the ethic -tations on this part are so interesting to me because like it's like in the middle of. Yep. She always makes it hard to understand the words on purpose. Yes. I love that. Okay. And then we go back to that. Pre course thing. Yep. Jeez..

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