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I don't want to interrupt your show. You wouldn't interrupt we need to be cordial here. I keep forgetting that is the volume. Okay. Very good. All right. Great job. Thank you. But my judges will overturn because we are with the myth Amana legend Bill Lyle from atlas cinemas joins us. Pretty slow week at the box office. Yeah. Not much came out. You have very very slow. This is how slow was the top twelve movies only made fifty five million dollars just a little less than a yearly salary. Just a little. So that's how slow was glass was this was the third weekend in a row for glass to be the number one movie, but it only made nine point five million dollars at the box office. We knew that was going to happen the Super Bowl weekend is the slowest weekend at the box office. People have the start on Friday night in the probably end up on some time on Monday morning with all the Super Bowl. We thomas. I told you Bill you should have thrown with that service that you guys have planned those events and everything you should have shown it. Now, the only movie that actually is doing very well the last couple of weeks if the wizard of Oz the the phantom event what's selling that out every Sunday afternoon at one o'clock. Well, and at twelve fifty a ticket and they're coming to see like they've never seen before. So that the phenom events that actually kept this above the know. Can I ask you a question about wizard of Oz? Do you believe the rumor that you could see the person getting hanged? Do I believe that? Yeah. No, okay. What do you think? I'd never heard of no. When they all meet after I think, they encounter the lion and on that. Last. We're off to see the wizard that last thing you see something come down in the background a Nenets swings. And the rumor is that someone hung themselves on the set. You can if you slow it down, you see it people say it was something fallen over. It was a shadow is something. But that's the that's the rumor that's the part that's been a long time. I never heard of that. Now, you won't able ever watch wizard of Oz. Oh. I'm sure you've you watch the weather everyone's watch the wizard of Oz. I've watched that not knowing that. Oh. Not knowing that I've watched that thing a bunch of that. But I've never. It is things like that though that. When you find it out that it happens. It does kinda ruined the rest movie because for longest time Star Wars new hope we all know by the time big Star Wars guy, and I was always scared of stormtroopers, but when three PO in our tour in that room, and the thing raises and a stormtrooper comes in and hits his head on the door. I didn't never noticed that. But then when I found out about my thought on like come on now. I'm not scared of them anymore. And he takes a beating man that whoever joker was playing that stormtrooper had attic at he hits it hard. And when you watch it, it's not even you realize how did I miss this before it sticks out like a sore thumb, but any you back to the numbers Bill? The second place at the box office. We get that. Right. Back up. My lost my screen. Oh, no. That's terrible. That expensive ipad. Yeah. Very expensive ipad any this went down on me. What's wrong with apple? We'll talk about that tonight. I just set up your guys topic. So there we go fantastic. Second place that's been been steady at the box office. The upside the comedy eight point six million dollars miss that opened up this past Friday is in third place when he did six point eight million dollars it won't last too long at the box office with that type of growth aqua, man. It's been around for seven weeks. I was in fourth place. It did four point eight million dollars Spiderman into the spider verse that's been around for eight weeks. You see these movies are kind of old now this bid four point five million dollars at the box office green book, six place. It did four point three for Academy Awards kid who would be king in seventh place at four point two million dollars the dogs way home. I think we need to take him home or do something we need a different dog movie. Jesus. I'm tired Lyle. Not your Representative for the humane society. Wow. Going there for four legged friends. Dogs are cute down on the big screen neatest walk around and look at people, you know. All right. I was in place at three point six million dollars every dog movies the same. I went something different. And nine Playtex gape room did two point nine million dollars in rounding out the top ten. They show night. Grow old wine movie did two point four million dollars at the box office. But that was only on seven hundred thirty five screen. So it was a fan. Invent decided you put out on the larger scale wasn't that the director that did the Lord of the rings? Peter Jackson, wasn't that that World War. One thing that was him think. So. Then go John talked about. I just remembered what Mark said on Friday. I do love dogs. But I like to see something don't come back to it. Now, don't try to. Your damage Bill. We're getting a different dog movie in the summer secret life of pets too. What's coming out? I can't wait. So there we go. You love that movie. Movie bill. I just realized how close I am to you right now. I'm designing a pads and stuff like that. On the big screen. We have a see. Did you see the sternness in my eyes right now? John is forgot about the secret life of pets that movie with awesome. It was one of the funniest cartoon movies. I've watched besides what's coming out this week. It was really good. So I'm looking forward to to to have it's going to be just funny. I love Kevin Hart yet Eric Stonestreet in two very funny people, especially when you put them in animal characters. I'm going to go to that premier Bill, and I'm going to dress up as a dog that'd be cute dog. Biscuit, absolutely. And then I'm gonna I'm gonna be nice to every other employees by you in the leg. I like when people dress up, they don't do not address up anymore. You can't do that. Because somebody's going to hold you to that. You think I would not do that? I know you would I would I would love to see it. But you know, somebody's go hold you to that's fine. Oh boy. All right. I'll I'll go with you. We'll go. We'll we'll tag team this thing. I'm going to put that on my calendar. So you put in that that slow apple right now. Well, we have sixteen minutes it might load. Now, I'm just getting getting put in fighting words out there. Now. Dear. Ye. You're going to have to allow for pets night. So everybody can dress up bring their pets. If he brings his dog. I guarantee your movie theater will clear dog is the sweetest dog in the world has a very intimidating look. I can see that on our imperial premier night that we have all these people bring in their pets to the movies now. The which is give them an idea. We gave you know, how many people would honestly if they released a movie because ABC it on Facebook. You see it on Twitter, how many people post videos of their pets watching animals on screen, and they love it. If it wasn't carpet in those theatres yet with our new seating and stuff. Yeah. Yeah. I know. I know the the baseball teams were doing that flew. Why would bring your pets to a baseball game? But with our seeding and indoors and staff does no way we could do something like that. That will be because of your words, I would make to have an accident. He would not do it. He'd he'd have to go. And he'd want to go outside the note, you this. It's okay. Right here. The only pets can that. We allowed in our theaters of courses are service dunk. That's right. That's right. So I can go in. Yeah. That's true. Is a service. Don't there you go. Yes. Yes. Oh, and he's a very good dog. He listens. Very well. That one right there. I was like you're busy that one. Go say, hi to him shoe. With Bill Lyle. Matt listen, just having a good time. The diamond center in manner. Great Lakes, small Eastgate shopping centre, midway mall, leering lakeshore seven with the big boy, the sixty five foot screen, and what do you have any updates on shaker square? That's we have how are we coming along. Good good. Everything looks great nine more days opens on Thursday, Valentine's Valentine's Day. So it'd be a great date. So that's still reminders that shaker square opens on Valentine's Day, and for guys it's nine days till Valentine's double they should be busy is three open of the shaker square. Atlas at the square, that's the forename. So I can't wait until we open that theater. It's gonna be fantastic. That should be a busy Nike Zhong got all those restaurants over there. Yeah. Aumont good. He's been quite a bit millions of dollars of redoing that entire square. All right Bill. What do we have coming up this week? I know your favorite movie is gonna open this Friday, the LEGO movie anymore. Why bring your dog your pet? The LEGO movie, I can't believe you don't understand any. We'll know 'cause there's a cabinet, and I like cats too. I better not say what I usually say cats are boring, but you're not. I'm a oh, I'm angry now Bill you don't wanna go full-fledged nuclear in here. The small Fabio around. It's easy cleanup to. I'm saving this segment. Got to keep it lively. I'm fighting the sinuses. The LEGO movie that second part it's been five years since everything was awesome in the citizens are facing a huge new threat LEGO dumb. Do blow dupe low do those are the big ones. Yes. Those were those were the Legos for the stupid kids. The Duke because they were really big, you know, how Legos had the okay? No, the Duke Irish. Yeah. The big ones, but for the stupid kids. Well, that's what my parents told the apparel gear you can't play with these. You have to use these in their Vader's from outer space, starring Chris Pratt. Elizabeth Bank will on that. It's rated PG. The great animation action adventure comedy family fantasy musical Morgan. Freeman. Channing Tatum Jona hill will Ferrell gosh who else's as everybody. Everybody shack was in the first pizza shack. Yeah. He's in the first one shack. Yes. I did. I miss that. Jack. I didn't know you could act. He didn't know instead he could act. See kazam? Or any of his rap albums. But other than that. I'm really I thoroughly enjoyed the first one. And I love LEGO Batman, they think that this one is actually better than the first one that's a hard. That's taken elites Rahm has taken a leap. It is also in three D. The the pros glasses on you can really seat up close. Our next movie that we opened up with another action drama, thriller co pursuit. It's rated R. A snow plow drivers seeks revenge against a drug dealers. He thinks. Killed his son. Starring Liam Neeson. Emily rossum. I think that's gonna be. I don't know what to take the type of movie that he plays a lot. I was going to say it sounds like taken seven comedy though, too. So is this dot com. It does doesn't say much about anything about a comedy. But her scene of a little bit looks like a comedy a little bit. The poster does looks like a comedy, but they say it's the action drama thriller. But the typical Liam Niessen movie, he's a snowplow driver. Yeah. Nick set of skills..

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