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Rogers park the scottie pippen dodge and my favorite part about it is when scotty get outta town i think he went to houston they stopped with scottie pippen dodge and i think it turned into a hyundai dealer shou i forgot what it was whatever the popular low rent car was at the time if it wasn't hyundai was something kia maybe and they turn scottie pippen dodge in western into a kia dealership whatever it was but the the stenciling of the sign because it was scotty pippin dodge in a basketball i remember that they couldn't get rid of it so it was like shadowed so whatever that was in their day or key or saturn whatever it was didn't cover up the scottie pippen dodd churches look bad but at the same time you're like hey dodge you can still scottie pippen dodge with a basketball six three zero says i'm jay was in elmhurst college i was there once got a one of a kind pitcher of him right in front of me shirtless jordan was shirtless i wonder how much that would go for the swap meet save that one for the swap a shortlist okay so that's scottie pippen i feel like there's another i saw once saw scottie pippen i worked at navy pier and when i was at navy pier you'd get there in the morning when the morning shift to get their seven o'clock in the morning and they had really opened the period but you could still run and bike and i remember right at that time in the ninety eight season walking mindlessly at seven in the morning down the pier and a pippin pippin and his son whizzing by on a bike you know like there was buying came back around i was like oh yeah pippen's riding bikes seven am so good never had a rodman citing was bummed about that wasn't much of a club guy was hanging out circuit crowbar wasn't getting my car towed on kingsbury at the time remember every time i every time i ever chose to go to one of the clubs at dennis rodman was was featured at where you'd always see dentist robin on dateline dennis rodman hanging out at the club is bringing chicago new flavor like shut up but i whenever i went to needles clubs robin was there and i got my car towed was always in that regard.

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