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I thought that he's both pretty solid his first two years, but he's kind of a liability on the on the line this season. They're playing the Arizona Cardinals this weekend. Kyla Marie gave them fits the first time, which I mean, it's It's no surprise he does. That's almost everybody in the league. He's tough guy to seize a tough guy to bring down. He's got a canon of an arm. Is there anything you seen from the 40 Niner defense that allows you to believe they may be able to contain him This time around? It seems like the secondary. While it's been sort of hit miss this year, Richard Sherman got beat a couple of times last week. He didn't make tackles on the outside, there are missing. Jason threatened last week's game. What do you see from the 40 Niner defense that tells you that they may be able to do something or give me something positive to look for? For this defense against collar Murray when they're healthy. I think they have one of the better secondaries in the league. And I think Richard Sherman does struggle with some of the faster, quicker receivers at times, but he'll match up fine with DeAndre Hopkins and I'm not saying he's gonna shut down the other hop into anything, but I don't think he's gonna get burned deep. Hopkins and I think Hey, could match up with Larry Fitzgerald, and I think it's a bad matchup of Christian Kirk, who's a speedy receivers is on him. But when they're healthy, they have Jason Jarrett. They have Jimmy Ward and Sherman. And that's a pretty good second as one of the better secondaries in The NFL. They really need Armstead to step up and not only passwords but contain Murray in the pocket. I think Murray had some troubles before this 400 yard game. He had Yeah, he wasn't putting the numbers he did earlier this season. I thought teams were doing a good job of rushing while keeping pass Rush lane integrity. If you keep him in a pocket, you know, sometimes high could bother him a little bit. But that's a pretty tough thing to do with how quick he is, but I think that's neither team is well coached. And frankly, Warner's won the better linebackers in the league could help with the option game. Legs. It is It's tough challenge to contain Murray. But you really gotta work on pass rush lane discipline when you're playing quarterback like that, because you can step outside. We can beat you quickly, or you can cut right through that line and beat you, too. And he goes into that slide. You come down on top of them. Sometimes you end up with a flag. So you want to avoid that quick thought here on an offensive player for the 40 Niners before we get out here, Ted. You watch a team That's not a spectacular team when a superstar player gets the ball in his hands a lot of times, it's the highlight of the game or the highlight of the week. And Brandon. I yuk for me. It's kind of become that for the 40 Niners when Debo Samuels got the ball, he's exciting, Brandon. I use same sort of thing. What do you see from him on tape? A. Zafar is the route running as far as the blocking on the outside for run lanes. Go. What do you see from Brandon? I. You could does he appear to be this perennial superstar on tape that we see week to week in these games. Yeah, I mean, we just companero just eight. I love the way you just moved like He's a really smooth route Runner. He changed directions extremely efficiently, and he accelerates really quickly, And one thing I did not expect to translate so well is his his ability to run after the catch. I mean, he's incredible with the ball in his hands like there's just times where he looks like it's completely surrounded, and he'll still be able to squirt out and get like 45 extra yards. You don't think he would he be able.

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