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When I went to college in two thousand thirteen okay. And have you been voting in North Carolina? I voted for the first time this year. We sent Darius registered with our sister station. Ten ten wins to question Caribia Suci. She indicated the political state of things in North Carolina made her want to vote here. She wants to keep voting here by absentee ballot. Even though she has no plans to live in North Carolina again next year. Yeah. Of course, do you plan to move back? I don't have any plans on moving back. So am I say what you do is you legal? No because I don't think that what I did was legal otherwise they wouldn't have let me about their. I mean, am I mistaken? Yes. She is mistaken because the board of elections in Mecklenburg county just took her word on where she lived Caribia Suci New York resident mailed a ballot. Mecklenburg county vote for Dan McCreevy and other Democrats by giving a false North Carolina address. And she's not the only one who falsely claimed to live in the ninth district. We found a woman who's in college and Appalachian state and she voted this election season by absentee ballot and certified on the application for the absentee ballot. That she lives at a certain address in Charlotte. And then we learned when we'd knocked on the door of that home that the family that she's a part of no longer lives in that home, and is not lived in that home for some time and said that is an illegal absentee ballot. That was cast that's Tammy FitzGerald with.

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