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If it were a broadcaster doing this week, someone would come after us. That's a guarantee, so you know the idea that somehow he gets to. He gets to skate because he doesn't want to take responsibility for being a Nick Sonian sleazebag. And he wants to dump it on a staffer, and then the a staffer gets to escape. He's got rogue people in his administration and nobody wants to do anything about that and nobody's interested in making sure that the law is followed in the state of Wisconsin is. That is something I'm telling you right now. People if nothing happens here, people are going to be really angry. People are going to be angry if no one is actually brought to account at least in the form of an ethics investigation. I mean previous governors would have never stood for this. somebody would have been terminated immediately, and then probably some more of the facts would have come out after that but dope fire. They're just stonewalling this whole thing you know. He did a presser this afternoon. He didn't answer any questions about this. Or any other open records requests that quite honestly they have just been either full out denying or sitting on for months and months and months. I mean this continues to be the pattern with the administration so now let me ask this question. Both UN Speaker Voss indicated that the you know the commute, the relationship, the working relationship between the legislature, the majority in the legislature, and the governor is now irrevocably broken. Yeah I. Mean you know there's many different paths? You can go down when you're trying to build some report. oftentimes, it's directly with the governor other times that you know the cheapest they or somebody else at a cabinet level that you can work with and then the other thing is you know sometimes it through the legislature. I mean a member of the minority that you talk. Talk to has a relationship with the governor. That doesn't even exist in the state. Senate right now so I'm not sure where we go from here. He's got a request that he sent us this this week. To talk about a few items and I'm like. How could we tackle leaving forward with that? At this point I don't trust anybody in the room. Let alone you know being. Being on a conference call with the governor there I mean there's no way you're going to be able to repair that anytime soon. No kidding so now you're thinking. I'm not going to have a conversation because this guy is gonNA. Try to use this to hang me We're nine hundred thirty six million dollars. Almost a billion dollars in tax revenue collections that means the state of. Of Wisconsin is going to be pulling up short about a billion dollars more than that likely, because it's likely that June also comes in lower than June of twenty, nine thousand nine, so we just had an announcement yet another major closing in Wisconsin with a thousand people losing their jobs nine hundred directly from the paper mill that closed in another hundred in support to that paper mill. We keep seeing businesses. By. To. Their doors for good in our state by the damage that was done by an arbitrary shutdown down, and we know it was arbitrary because you said you know just a couple of minutes ago, you at home depot or the or the grocery stores were packed to the Gills, and somehow he didn't have spikes in cove nineteen..

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