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Checking it twice and I'm getting them hit the rim wasn't dying. If it was his little game is off balance and back on my Bentley is dirty. My sneakers is dirty, but that time like it's you all of my mother. My bed. It's hard to get. I do not feel tired. I must take a ship. I might hit the boat, but I'm liable to trip on a public appeal. But you do as you wish I wrote with some things. I love him to death. I've got a few mil but not all of them bitches. What good is the bread of my just What good is first class. In my case it That's my next mission is why I can't wait, just like broken One small ship just what they're only right back on my wrist. That's what happens with the gave me a gift that when the record with training ideas have to legislate knuckle with this, But I never be put it for nothing. If that's Mogul Rapids don't be legit. It won't be for cloud will be famous because my day selling the same It won't be to sell you my latest of sneakers. They won't because some splitting my leg everything goes attempting to change. I love you. Look, I'm glad that you came. I hope it's just a baby doll. You pain I hope you know. Money. Money, right? The paint to the Oh geez, I'm taking you mad was watching when you was taping the ground can be located some Ever just now I study the grace of the greatest right now You feel me? You ain't got a choice. Thank you Promised you made all that noise short, different. I set my stitches. I promise to slap on that. He's not your voice telling me I'm coming. My brother. Some water, my clip, some writing their names. I'm making a list. Checking it twice and I'm getting them hit. The real has been dying. It was like the game is off balance and bet on my belly is dirty mess Just dirty, but I just pulled something in my car. I don't want something I can Bill Thomas. I am never letting money make you but it is only Nick. I got stuck. Come on. Give me some naked bill about sliding. Give us just a little man I met in the middle of my mornings when they can't and the family I You heard this song now time to give away. That's my name, baby. I want to say to this great thing where you calling from? I'm calling from love Hollywood. Yes. What? What? What? You just won $1000 of my money. Your column. 106. Oh, go. What you gonna do with the money? Oh, man, I'm gonna gonna definitely face I'm also going home to about thought that I'd help you get up waiting to get those Frank's car with those six. I appreciate talk, Okay. Okay. Congratulations And make sure you keep it locked. And we got that power hour coming up at eight. Not only get you in $2000 of my money, but you can also get a pair sold out tickets to the biggest contract of the year. Yes, rolling loud. BJ Cole, Chris Brown, future Kid cutie, and so much more and nine AM I got that Disneyland family for Pat is how we do keep it 106. Okay? She circulated What is happening? Circulated Shapey Fly. We'II be. I see why we'd be right. She left. She waited bust size on fleet. Witty, slim pick. Proceed waiting, she went would keep missing. What's happened My free after Alan No Sleep where? When I get my freak on eighth or money like me, Charlie and me without my team. 25 years chasing, please Look, I don't want you or me, but these rich on paper that's circulating Thank you for protecting circulated Young. My any Yes, front seat. I'm letting damage stripping in up. That's a quick tracking. Happy Lack of Cuba, Texas. I'm a city. Great job. There's some hotel Don't stop Pop that salute. Are they cute? Break it down for that. Luke turns right too late. That paper straight. I must write a letter and asked the adults we regulate Dad. It's on the papers. Mm hmm. Toss and turn. I can't just in my mind. Mind e look for peace, but see, I don't tame what I need for keeps too silly game We play a game we play like like now, Look, get.

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