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I have a tv show or a movie out will you could justify bringing me to the couch and jim said well i can't disagree with anything you've said do you have a tv show remove week coming out and i said we'll know but what i was thinking was i don't even have age of i don't even have additions like jetted a kfi am 640 dot com key word feta two i am thinking 40s conway show we got two of those bog kid local kids here in southern california jello and me angelo melo lamella in jello the two young kids they're gone over lithuania and when your ballot wanian i couldn't tell you were lithuania was on a map by i'm learning about it because that's where our boys are going got a couple of guys going over lithuania and we're gonna hear a lot about it so let's find out a little bit about lithuania where a look far ball and his two kids are going let's uh first of all basketball all the james naismith was credited with inventing basketball an eighteen ninety one lithuanians tell a different story nearly every household in the country with children is well accustomed to lacing up their sneakers and hitting the basketball court this ancient sport has been lithuanians national pastime since independence lithuanians are so good at basketball that many of them have been drafted into the american nba bikoo possibly the most famous of which is arvydas sabonis nene body hardly a bonus look at you who was later inducted into the hall of fame all right there you go there's basketball the easter here's the easter over there the kids going to be other for easter so it's not the easter bunny that hides the easter eggs it's easter granny yeah how 'bout that grandma it comes out hides the eggs the easter grandi on easter sunday after a morning of fun with family and friends sure if quickly followed by the traditional easter a hut with a slight twist to the socalled tradition in the united states the eggs are believed to be hidden by the.

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