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Cold fries with treason? Picture from standing there all alone with look fast food that God. Did you hear him talking to the reporter do we have it? All right. Okay. Let's start with you. Okay. What's your favorite thing here? Mr president. Great American food. Jesse and the end of this evening. Do you prefer McDonald's or Wendy's? That's a tough question. Those Sarah Palin answer if I like at all. All of them all of them. Even the reporter was like throwing little shade. It's tough question. Knew it'd be lots of leftovers. He's just in their stress eating up shopping stuff and his Ma all the rest of the day. I mean, he hasn't left the White House in months apparently. Yeah. And he's he's grumpy because he doesn't get enough credit for that for being home alone. Okay. For those on the radio. Yeah. I know. I know. And now, we have to say goodbye Dolly. I mean, really really really. Yeah. Twenty nine thousand nine hundred drunk go home already. You can't have nice things. Yes. Carol Channing asked. I'm sure your mom, your mom did a lot of duets together. Right it. Yeah. And my sister got to work with her. She came and spoke to my class at USC. Oh, she was fantastic. We. She was a fee. Go trojans. She's fantastic. Okay. I'm doing dead deli. Kelly impression. Okay. So scared we all look like deer cut cut in headlight three. I just feel like my children's birthday party businesses really gonna. My impression they're all dead. Now pretty much right now. I think it's a great. I get it. It's liberty impressions come on Catherine Hepburn, Carol Channing, it'd be great somebody decline kids. Choosing my original Santa back. Neil does girls wheel. Monte in Florida. Hi, Monty Steffi literally worried about me too. We don't know what's in my eye. Couple of things one on the former college basketball coach and personal trainer. And the first thing when I used to meet with the athletes as we say, no more fast food stores. Right. Can't even get that. Right. He's so incompetent. One. I don't see how we can wait till two thousand and twenty because we've seen it here in Florida. We've seen it in Texas. We see them in Georgia. Yeah. I've said this from day one. If he is in power, they will it they will steal. They will never. Thank you. Thank you. We seriously we're we're looking we have an entire party. That is complicit that is welcoming Russia's help. And I'm telling you there was Radha free in this in the Senate races. Florida. And also Stephanie why why are the Democrats, and I'm not criticizing the Democrats expand this job. Why are we going about business like it's normal? Why are we having hearings to confirm people Trump is under investigation from twenty four twenty different? Yeah. No monte. I agree with you. I mean, particularly after the last few days, I'm just like what why are we not in the streets. Why are we? I mean, I Joe Scarborough just went off I guess this morning saying where are the Republicans? Are are you not? I mean is it a hearing problem? Do they not hear that? There is the president of the United States is under counterintelligence investigation for being a Russian assets. Okay. I don't I'm sorry. I'm screaming. I think we're all going to line up. You can all lined up on the phones and yell at Michael Tomaso along with me. It'll be that seen an airplane. I've been saying for free bike chain or about and call back. Six seven months, we need people like, Malcolm, Nancy, yank yourself to organize. Let's just hit the streets. Let's shop this country down. Yeah. Orrin dot com. I I agree. I agree. Monte. I agree. I know I can't I just I I can't even take like normal news or punditry. It's just like we're pretending that this is okay. Okay. Oh, Mimi Rocca, who's also fabulous. All the legal, ladies, all the legal. It is all ladies. I. I don't know what to do. Okay. Okay. But talking about a bar, right? She said he never says quote report should be made public. He says, quote, it's very important that the public in congress be informed of the results of the work. That's not the same thing right pledge. He should make to release. It is unclassified is the unclassified version of the report in full period. I mean is that Rudy Giuliani? Okay. Yeah. And we can make some corrections before you get it, right or reductions, can you imagine yellow let's just that. We'll redact alva- treason. Tori. All black and then just Oswald at the end. Yeah. I'm Scott who I love on Twitter said Trump's peer border PR. Don't was such a disaster. He's tweeted forty times in seventy two hours of Athetic attempt to distract from the fact that he's Putin's puppet who conspired with Russia, obstructed Justice and committed election fraud. Trump belongs in prison, not the White House. Las him up. Karen in Chicago. Hello, karen. Good morning. I'm sorry to hear about your mom. Oh, that's okay. She's okay. She's doing she was a great call yesterday. She's doing much better. We'd change. What do you call batteries in her hearing aids that was part of the problem? And then she's but she's looking forward to physical therapy. So we're getting a good mental place. Hopefully, awesome. Yeah. That's good. Jodi, please give Stephanie a hug for Oliva. Okay. She's she does not want to touch me and who can blame. Or no one's coming. Stephanie. That is a travesty of all this is the fact that, you know, you're dealing with you should be able to devote your time and energy to your mother and what she's going through. And yet, you know here we're having to deal with all of this, you know, treason in plain view, and you're right. We should not normalize it an election would normalize this. And that that can't happen. But under the old definition, you know, perhaps because we're not, you know, heck nucle- at war light, given the old definition of our founding fathers attack. Electronically. We're a cyber attack. They broke into our elections. They influenced came into our to influence people. I think we're at war so treason, in plain view. Yeah. I don't you're right. Karen? I don't get people to understand about illegitimate president. It means illegitimate election. I understand we don't have the mechanism in the constitution LA. But these are our extrordinary times and we've got a take extrordinary measures one hundred percent. Yeah. No. It's it's all there. And I mean, I always correct people when they say, oh, you know, when he was inaugurated, I don't know he was installed. That was not an inauguration. Yeah. You know, and I don't care electoral college. I don't care how he got there. He is absolutely illegitimate. And he's a traitor. Yeah. No anyway. But you and your mom. Yeah. Thank you. Honey family family family family. Do you mind if I caught you lawn? Steve, what do you think? Mike Bolton he calls. Jumble. Michael belykh? Yes. Because he's thinking kitty sing as well. Well, that crazy mustache would flap like crazy if some of those notes kinda muffled a little bit famous Michael Bolton song. I forget a lot of live without you. Which one do I live without you. Oh, yeah. Very of love and understanding. Yeah. He is John golden is overwrought in the same way. Michael Bolton is. None of the singing sense. But more like one word starting. We're three cents a crazy intemperate. Let's make a plan to Bonera or a bomb Iran and my dad's got a barn. Let's put on a show. And I'll sing I'm doing the longest intro ever to try to get to Michael John slash quote, unquote. Michael bolton. Even.

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