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Apartments that were doing assistance when I was viewing the police guys that were off to the side I saw several different jurisdictions on the island sides of the squad cars including whitefish bay they've got a decision to make and they've got to make it on the fly it's past midnight and you've got about a thousand protesters at a couple other cars behind him in there make it an incredible racket and they want to continue their March do you let them go north do you let them go west you you say you're you're just gonna have to disperse he turned around to go back somewhere else or do you let them go through they let him go through I remember the whole time this is going on the blackrock still flying overhead and it's make it an incredible racket if you're wondering why the black caucus flying overhead and why the international guard blackrock if you wonder why they're using the Black Hawk helicopter I can't give you any official information here because nobody's allowed to try to say anything about what the strategy is but I can tell you I know what it is but using a helicopter to try to see from above where these pockets of other activity occur one of the problems that we've been happening through these first protest is the protest goes out all of a sudden you'll see five blocks away somebody else doing something somewhere else but the only way you can see that is from above so the helicopter is keeping an eye on is something branching off over here what's going on over there so that the office is going to be they can deploy it law enforcement to the places where there may be trouble going out but anyway the helicopter makes a racket so they're making a racket of the protesters that make it an incredible racket and it's past midnight and I were heading north even farther now I'm priced on Oakland rather through shore would end there's a strip of about four or five blocks for this is like the shore would commercial area there's a few grocery stores and a few buyers all of course close job what is under under a curfew and once you get north of that it's all residential I don't know the exact numbers but I would say about forty four hundred or so north it becomes residential and gradually as you continue farther north you go into whitefish bay they go through all of this to create all the hullabaloo and now and I'm sure those of you who live in that area probably heard it it's not about one o'clock in the morning as they hit the whitefish bay border still going north I'm no longer watching this and some of this is now reconstructed based on finding out what occurred partially because there was a fair amount of media coverage channel six at a reported that was doing the entire March I can guarantee you that that reporter is relatively young they always talk about how these reporters back I don't care what the reporter I how do you like to be the guy like in the camera is this a law I could remember this started at nine o'clock at night the perfect night is supposed to be marching in the middle of the night but they're now heading into whitefish bay this is the part of whitefish bay kind of Hampton and then it's still eight blocks farther north to get all the way to Silver Spring and remember this moves slowly because they have to fit into the city streets there's cars that again jumped the curb and the sidewalk but there's incredible police presence sliding this entire road now that they're in whitefish bay this is the north shore it may be lefty but they don't like a lot of commotion but they don't do anything to stop them again if your the law enforcement officers here do you allow this to just continue in the middle of the night with all the racket going on everybody community about who's in or curfew or not they allowed it to continue it goes all the way up to Silver Spring they then hawk and take a left and start heading west to go all the way over toward bay shore this again takes for Albert Seoul in Silver Spring he has a rather commercial street is a few residential line up of commercial street between Silver Spring between you know the east stand which is weather coming up up off of your following throughout Oakland and heading over to essentially we're bay shores it's almost all commercial but there's a residential nearby they make the entire right on this and then start heading south on on port road they got all the way to port Washington road in capital which is another sixteen blocks further south and it's now three o'clock in the morning and that's where the police obstructed them and said this is enough you have to disperse and they did not I suspect there is accommodation here I would be a three o'clock in the morning of the protesters have no there's no endgame this I predict there's no strategy involved in the March there's no specific destination that they have and they're probably all completely tired of the people to walk up to the beginning there but walking for six out and I get some people chided in the middle of this of the cards that are driving like they're coming in and out and so on but they finally disperse them and that was the end of that so you've got this situation that went on for six hours across the state I could cut it with the helicopter flight all over the area you've got these protesters that are marching starting in downtown Milwaukee they work their way through the middle of the north shore and then loop all the way back and finally a capital that they get capital port they say there's no more March you're going to disperse and people pretty much dead I don't know how they all phone cards are found rides and got back to where they were go ahead but that was the end of that if this is going to continue every data we've got spectacular weather in sept maybe even dangerously warm weather if you're concerned about violence for the next number of days if this is going to continue at night through all of these neighborhoods there's going to have to be a decision made by somebody yet again almost all of the stuff is occurring in Milwaukee county of how long you're going to allow these disturbances that go on through residential neighborhoods and by and large my experience with marches like this isn't the first time somebody sees one through a neighborhood of their own that they're not used to it like say shorter it or wait please stay it's kind of neat when it goes on two or three or four nights in a row it's something else altogether now if there's a March tonight or a second set of March and so on I don't know what direction it's going to be what I want to make clear that yes these things are reacted to differently when they occur in areas that are not used to them as opposed to say let's go over to district five let's go over to district seven when they go to the police stations of the understudy a Kerry out of a bit of a night forever and ever and ever that's happened in those communities for a long time and I don't think the residents like them but they're at least used to it people are not used to what is some of the places that are occurring so the final question is this if you could all answered for yourself because I think it's a tough call there's a curfew in place everybody else is following the curfew I don't know if I mentioned that in my description here but you know again I live in Milwaukee there was nobody out other than these people that are marching the cars are off the streets this is why there's the joy riding the clothes on and that's a separate thing that happens all through this people are driving at fifty sixty seventy eighty miles an hour through city streets drive it around like crazy running stop lights and usually that not like one or two cars usually fifty to seventy five together because they know that the police are powerless to do anything about it the police are all else whether all gathered for all the protesters I said that's all going on but other than that there's nobody on the streets because everybody soldering the curfew add a lot of people don't want to be on the streets if there is some sort of violence they don't want to be in the middle of it everything's closed all the stores are closer I don't bite so but there's nothing that's open the only people out our nurses getting off of duty and other people have to work late we have to get all the buses are running everything else is as I said shut out so the curfew that's it been put in place is a curfew that was set up to supposedly keep the order but the only people violating the curfew are the people who are not keeping the order Salt are we going to start enforcing curfews are we going to give them up and not have it anymore clearly there's this decision that's been made that estimate what you please well you know we're arresting people yeah they're arresting people other than the people that actually taking part in the organized protests and you could all decide this for yourself are you making matters worse by grabbing people up and starting to you know antagonize everybody said you got to follow the rules but it sure is interesting how this is altered a few weeks ago the people that were demanding that the police enforce all the rules and enforce the lactones with liberals they were the ones that were hacked off that people wanted to go to church they were hacked off the people wanted to go to a restaurant they were hacked off the people were visiting their friends it was liberals that were demanding all of these crackdowns are these draconian rules in society suddenly we don't have curfews in place which is another draconian rule that a cracked out a lock down and the people that are violating them are liberals and they're singing out of apparently a different handle here with regard to whether or not it's going to be enforced and the same law enforcement agencies that were so zealous with regard to the one I now apparently timid and don't want to respond to the other and I get I get why that is they're all concerned about making everything worse than inflating everything and in the case of the demonstration last night since it was peaceful there was a desire apparently not to let it turn into something else which they feared it what a bad head they're bad a bunch of arrests it's four forty four new stock eleven thirty WISN it's time for rapid traffic crash seven ninety four the Black Hawk last later you too far west yeah I did not hear hard to tell how far the noise travels on that thing but it was it was using a spotlight a portion of the time because they say they were trying to see what was going on in other places but I mean those are I have no idea if they calculate that power for helicopters in horsepower or not but Blackhawks are big Milik this is these are not these little measly traffic copters that the TV TV stations run this is a military helicopter it yeah it was it's a big thing up there and what is the color black is that the manufacturer I don't even know the model number it's a model number model name and who makes it do you know Sandusky I don't know that I should probably go rather than death I could easily enough look that up everybody knows where the name comes from because of them the movie they probably have the Google working right now yeah sure it is the course of that so I said I was right about that of course why would it have to be Sikorsky why would that a pop into my head unless it was Sikorsky why would I say black big black **** made circa Sikorsky Black Hawk and less they get other white why would that ever committed by so your first instinct on things is usually the best what all right what you're going to the trap crashes clear now the way seven ninety four eastbound at second street that the left lane closed for a long time so delays just working themselves out between the Marquette and second from the Lynch GM so what would you do if at one thirty or two o'clock in the morning thousand people were marching through whitefish bay and making a racket and cars are blowing their horns and just let him do it we just do something to stop it oh you mean is it like a police job or something as I said it is not an easy call no I mean you got to read the crowd and see if you can they were peaceful yeah very loud but it you know it that's awesome but if the head of the line and say Hey you know we got a we got a break this out they weren't going to do that yeah they did they as a three as I said three o'clock in the morning I just think it got to the point where maybe the people at the March for glad that somebody stop it I I will give them this for people that have no apparent idea of what it is that they're trying to accomplish they did March for six hours I am the router one I'm sure some people joy did and some didn't at the point by the way the weenies are the ones that are in the.

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