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Oh, I'm so sorry. I can pronounce it any other way other than that now it's just it's done. It's ingrained in my mind in that way and given the fact that the three of us are going for the source. Live on sky sports racing at one fifty. Hopefully there will be gravy dripping on the final podcast with that in mind before we get to the final few races. Almost donuts mazing. We did a competition on twitter and facebook to give away final Furlan podcast mugs. This was in celebration of our first final for podcast race. which was won today by Tracy Sorry Johnny. One for the good guys Johnny Burke on board. I the guess Mug is on its way to Johnny. Burke tomorrow at Tom Georgia's yard, even though it was actually Mr Lacey who trained the winner, but still you know bit of bias for Tom George given his. With case on the PODCAST congratulations to lacey had two winters on the card as well which was fantastic and burke two runners two winners. You Talk Today on sky so well done to them. So in celebration we decided we'd give away final from mugs. There are more final Furlan podcast races to come. There's one Wolverhampton is another one during the week as well so watch out for them on sky. And make sure you tweet about them if you see them. So the first winner is on our facebook page. Tom Ferguson. WHO SAYS EASY game? Some Ferguson will be in touch a final Furlan. PODCAST MUG is on its way to you. Alastair Ray says. I'm not really interested.

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