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A federal talent and skill development sponsored by IBM. There's so much information if you look at all the different position descriptions, all the personnel structures and the data that they have about the people who are doing those different jobs in the data that they have, like it's a great use case for artificial intelligence. Listen to the entire discussion on federal news Network search IBM. Today's government agencies have a significant gap between the skills they have and the skills they need. How can agencies keep up with talented man's while also meeting their mission objectives building acquire the workforce of the future with IBM? Many agencies have turned to the cloud and artificial intelligence to support the modern workforce. IBM can help you build in a choir, the workforce of the future to learn more go to federal news network. Com Search IBM Don't miss the bucket bag sale at Safeway choose from our fresh produce selection like signature farm's spinach. Many cucumbers air avocados for only a dollar, each with your guard guard and Purdue boneless chicken breasts and buy one Get one free Safeway. It's just better 8, 48 traffic and weather on the AIDS to Jack Taylor and the Traffic Center. Right, Nick. We're getting used to our closures downtown. If you will, the inbound 14th the inbound Roosevelt. Don't forget the memorial Bridge is blocked in both directions. The Souza the 11th, the Douglas are all open but closed to commercial traffic. The new closure just this morning will be the third Street tunnel blocked between New York Avenue and the freeway set to reopen at some point, But not right now. We had a late crash getting toward the district 3 95 North found after the Pentagon that was along the left side of the roadway, and the crash in Manassas was 66 eastbound before suddenly wrote Now the reminder With all the preparations obviously going on for the inauguration in the next couple of hours, Metro has closed 14 stations inside the security perimeter. Trains will not stop at the following stations. Farragut, North Judiciary Square Union Station Archives, Arlington Cemetery, The Pentagon Fair, Good West McPherson Square, Federal Center, Southwest Capital, South Smithsonian Federal Triangle Metro Center and Gallery Place. Stations are all closed. Trains will not stop at those stations..

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