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Very much. They go you'll Mercedes Chaz wakes up every day and says, thank you to gal sweet. Is that it's genuine? You know, there's some guys that try to, you know, try to con you a little bit, you know that they're always happy. And they're always kind of an act. This is not an act. This is this is a guy that it's genuinely happy all the time every time we see. And, you know, he's right. I mean he's he's doing what he loves to do. He's got a great family. Just had an addition to his family as well. And then newborn son a couple of earlier this month. And he just you look at, and it's kinda hard not to laugh, along with it just because he's got that infectious smile. That's very trying time to the field from everything that's going on country, Venezuela. It's this is not these time back home for him. You know, he shares with a couple of his teammates to Jose around and also Jose Ruiz both will those guys are from Venezuela as well. And yeah, I'm sure he's still has many family members that are back there. And there is some a lot of things going on politically, there that I'm as well about my pay grade to talk about. But you just read that you read things in the news, you see things on TV and you know that it's a time of unrest in his home, his home country. The very emotional time, just super scary, and yes, it's above my pay grade as well. Want to sort of bring that into the confidence because I know you talk to fans all the time and it's. And. People get high on. You'll Mer, they love them. And then all of a sudden, we don't need you'll minimum. That is a player that helps a winning team. I'm not saying needs to be an everyday guy going down. But yarder, but he's somebody that can help a club winsome baseball games and be and come big big in crucial situations. And if somebody gets hurt you can plug a minute thirty plug them in, I wouldn't say short all the time, but in a pinch you could you can plug in its second. Yeah. And you're right. Just the attitude and just the way he carries himself in the clubhouse, and how much the respect he has guard from his teammates and just the fact that, you know, he is so genuine. And so the real article that it's, it's hard not to, like the coming up after four o'clock of any Dubar from NBC, sports, soco's, join Indiana in the booth here. We'll have a conversation with Vinny can hotdogs, Jasper thought I l send him a text maybe can from. Thank you down, because we don't have that access down here, perhaps do that. Reminder to grab your friends. Bring that hot dog.

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