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Around a public service announcement brought to you by the ad council gas prices aren't up nor down there the same as two weeks ago the lumbering survey finds a price for an average gown regular is holding steady a 250 ninety previous price drop which were preparing to about pick and i have found in the prior two week period did spend itself out in that period there was mostly ability in the market uh on the very last day of this two week period oil prices moved up a bit that's industry analysts trilby lundberg don't look now for the third signed this month the northeast who's going to get slammed would they nor'easter fox meteorologist adam cloth sends the forecast system that's currently down in the south it's going to be on the move and really as we get into late monday into tuesday that's when it starts to run back out over open water in approach the coast once again there will be portions of it by tomorrow afternoon getting into the mid atlantic where they there's going to be some snow falling by the time it's over the near city region could see six inches of snow possibly foot or more in maine black panther the smash hit for disney taking the top spot in the weekend box office again it's only been in theaters for a month and they've already thought of a follow up on gut leaves black panther around the world already has raked in over one billion dollars at the box office in has rave reviews from both critics and movie fans and this weekend in a report from entertainment weekly marvels studios president kevin fight ye saying we will absolutely do that when he was asked about a sequel he even said that crews have a solid direction of where they want to go with a second one of course no details were released but rest assured it'll be a safe bet on a black panther sequel in the near future oxygen mckay and a sorority lee university in pennsylvania losing its chapter recognition after.

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