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Anything's possible. I'm your host, Jack Russell over with Richard Digger Phelps and from 1971 to 1991. He was the head basketball coach at the University of Notre Dame. You're 29 years old. There's a legendary father Theodore Hesburgh hires you with Father Joyce. What did they tell you, Digger? Well, basically during the interview followed, Joyce eloped first, and we met in Detroit and the neutral site, and then he went back. And don't follow Ted. He's the guy we're gonna hire. So when I arrived another name they told me three things. Make sure that they graduate by going to class. And make sure we don't break any insane rules that make sure we're competitive, and I said What's being competitive? It's Edwin 18 games a year. So for years 20 years I was there They were big inspiration. And father husband, of course, is President. So like 1985 would file a choice. But the thing about father has for people don't realize that when I tell people I'm a disciple, Father, Esther. He was more than just the priest. Actually, 1957 President Eisenhower asked him to get three men from the South Three men from north including him and come up with the Civil Rights Act. And they went up to the land of lakes and Wisconsin, where Notre Dame has a little retreat place where the priest go up and just mellow out and pray and get spiritual guidance. So they went up there to six men, and they came up with the Civil Rights Act. They took it to the White House. They give it the President Eisenhower Eisenhower course When he left, he gave us the Kennedy and President Kennedy was gonna use it to run in the second term. To get re elected, but he got assassinated. So here comes LBJ. Well, things got done with LBJ in Congress because the 1964 to Civil Rights Act passed well to me. Father Hesburgh is the godfather of the Civil Rights Act, and he was more than just the President University of Notre Dame. What was interesting about his life beyond the campus, and I would say that we should go to pre She's restaurant here in town and get his famous Italian sauce. Out of Jeannie Alfredo because Alfredo was a restaurant and right near the Vatican in Rome, and he and Monsignor Montini, who became Cardinal Montini Became Pope Paul A six. They were great friends, and they used to go to eat Alfredo sauce at Alfredo's restaurant, and that's how that all started with him. What was interesting one night of creases? I said Father, Ted. Give me your starting five and he turned to me. He said you still coaching, and I said, I wanna know how I got to play against. If we're gonna play five on five, he started with Pope all of six, which, because of their friendship, and who they were and how they work. What was interesting when Pope all of six invited father Ted over to the Vatican? He was going to make him a karma, and he gets the green ring out and puts it on the table and father Ted, sitting on one side, the pope's on the other side and the post secretaries behind him. Another cardinal. While the 10 said no, thanks. I'm a priest. I'm going to be a priest on my life, and he kept trying to push them together. Well, after an hour, he takes a drink puts in his pocket. He leaves the office in the pope's secretary says, You stupid Makana. You don't know He tried to make you Carm. You said no. You know, I'm a priest because back a year later to see his buddy football, the six and the Cardinal says in the secretary. Where's the ring? Where is the ring? It's back in my office. He died with that ring. I saw Melanie, who was his administrative assistant. She showed me the ring several times. So he died with that pope's ring to make him a cardinal, but he never accepted to become a garden. Okay, number two. He says President Eisenhower anything great friends, not just during the Civil Rights Act, But even after that was written and done. They used to meet a Gettysburg where Eisenhower started. Camp David. And that became one of those historic sites, which they still use the president, but there are great friends through the whole lifestyle, and he and I became really, really close. And then, of course, third was Father, Joyce. Who ran the place when Hesburgh was never around. And father Joyce to Mei was one of those priests. Very smart business wise and what has word we're doing Fundraising Father Joyce made sure I went to the right components and make Notre Dame one of this today. Then I figure it's got to have a woman and I think it's gonna be John Crock because the crocks and has for became great friends, and they've given a lot of money to Notre Dame. No, it was his administrative assistant, Helen. I said Helen. Oh, yeah. She used to run my life in that office next to his office in the administration building And this feeble whole lady who were big, thick glasses and Fingertips were just beyond his old Underwood typewriter, and she'd be smoking her cigarette. And one day she says, Father Ted, do you have a speaker yet for commencement? And he says now and I'd only have appreciate from running the Columbus A master to seniors. She says. Why don't you ask your friend Eisenhower? Oh, he's too busy as president. He won't come out here for that. Did you ask him now? And she says, I think you ask. Well, Helen, why don't you ask? She types up a little letter sense of the White House with the Kerry comes back. A week later, she goes into Father Ted's office. A father Ted, There's ice letter. He's coming to speak of graduation. Did you get one of your priest? Friends from Rome yet the commandments a math and that turned out to be Pope Paul. The six So any number five. I said, whose number five. This is Frank Lady. I said you fired. Frankly, he's well. There's a story before that, when Father Jon Kavanaugh was present in late Fords Password was in the administration. Followed Johnson. I'm gonna make you dean of the faculty because of faculty are out of control. And by the way, I want you to take over football because Coach Leahy has those guys practicing when they should be in class. So, Father Ted read the Big 10 manual. And in the Big 10 manual, they would only travel with 35 players. Well, ladies traveling with 48 players, So Hesburgh said, No. You're just gonna travel with 35. So how's Berg's game freeze when they're going out to Seattle on a train for two days, the play the University of Washington and they have mass every morning on the train, But Leahy would not go and say hello to history. Got that, Max? So we're losing a halftime against Washington. And we come back and win the game in the second half and lay. He just rips the referees and rips the whole scene and they're cheating. And bye bye, blah. So we get negative press around the nation Headlines cry, baby noted and comes from behind to beat Washington the second half So all of a sudden they're back on campus and father Ted calls, Frank ladies. Come on, Frank. We're gonna take a walk around ST Mary's late father. I'm sorry. I know I should have said that. I'm sorry for the exposure, getting the negative press around the country. He said. Father get a lot of mail. He says Yes. What are you doing with it? He says. I just burned it. Burned it. Okay, so they're going around the lake. He still thinks he's getting fired. And father, Ted finally says, Look, Frank. From now on, you take a private plane a charter to go on these away games like the Southern cow. You don't have to take a train anymore. And so that was the starting five. And that's how it all ended up with coach Lady. Father, Ted Gut..

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