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I've delighted in here and the story of bullet ball several times over the years. Have you ever told the story of how to kind of Fisher weapon? Let here it wasn't deep is not a story. We just reading another article about a cop killing a black person. It was like what the fuck happened to Toews. Right. Aren't they write their own the built when is it gun at one is as of how about you the one on the right hip for wants, buddy? Okay. And that's why you know, what the you know, what the the official weapons that as the. 'cause I rather you're taking my this shoot me you could die from tasers to. But are is a high probability that you live through the the show is always saying. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. And like, so, of course, I'm talking about black sheet because we do this show and this show, but I can go through the list of our winters and tell you why a lot of people were taking issue with them. So it's not just black people is like it's become the industry. I was listening to a podcast, and I won't name because I didn't like the episode, and I didn't I'm not. Gonna listen again while to Okaka cobras, pop culture, and they were talking about the Oscars, and guys they hate it everything everything they knew they were gonna hate it before to see happen. Then happened they have predictions for it or whatever it happened. And then they hate it like, and it was like they start hating on people that they was they were just okay with like a month ago. And it was like fuck this motherfucker he won. And I can't help it. But part of me feels like it's like confirmation bias the opposite way was like, oh, this thing is popular. Now, it's time to shit on it, you know. And that's how sometimes that's how life bills me where I'm like, y'all took the joy out of a thing that was about joy like you. Grow up every year, you grew up. You look forward to this thing every year you like the pomp and circumstance of the people dress you like to see your favorites win you like the root for people you like to see the speeches and all this type of shit. And instead of it becoming a thing where. Where there were more than one deserving person in a room that could win something it turned into this don't win for everybody these awards, but everything and you know, I picked up that vibe from social media a couple of years ago and said, I'm never watching live any of the shit again that out because you literally have one in what however many nominees of say five to nine or whatever the fuck the numbers. Are you had that percentage? Shares of that person you wanna win winning. If you pick one person, right? And I watch all these movies for a living for our to be a movie critic, and you know, I'll be watching the movies like I could see the favorite win it. I can see why this will win. I don't want blank the wind. But you know, and if it wins, you know, what I think them niggers worked hard on the movie who to fuck him outta shit on it, you know, robbing molecules was everybody's favorite the director. He didn't get along with Brian singer. Walked off the movie and didn't come back in the midst of scandal. And the fact that Romney Malik did not wanna work with him. So huge part of why Brian singer did not really get the direct that movie is because around me, Molly. And you know, what they did when he started winning awards started blaming him for being in the fucking movie in the first ways. Like, what do you want him to do? You know what I mean? Like, what are you gonna do? He's I don't like this guy. Don't want directing the movie, he quit the movie. So I'm a Finnish film in the movie. Hey, man, fuck. You are Malik like the white people..

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