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Right now fifty three degrees in san francisco same temperature in oakland and santa rosa san rafael fifty one it's currently fifty two in livermore redwood city fifty four and it's also fifty four in san jose and mountain view traffic and weather together on the eights and all news one oh six nine am seven forty kcbs from syria to kashmir the guns of war continued their deadly dance around the world join me jason brooks on the crisis next door as we take a deep look at global conflicts we could see the situation in the occupied territories deteriorate like it's never happened before subscribe to the crisis next door on radio dot com or your favorite podcast app kcbs news time twelve twenty a flight from san francisco international to lax was forced to make an emergency landing in san jose yesterday afternoon officials say a passenger was caught on board the plane smoking in the bathroom san jose airport officials say the plane landed safely just after four o'clock one on board was hurt the southwest says the plane was met at the airport by local law enforcement in the passenger in question was turned over to them over one hundred homeless with tents stoves and pets were cleared from the public trail between santa rosa and sebastopol yesterday he cbs's jeffrey schaub reports many say they have no place to go but local charity organization say they have shelter beds available for them these folks camped out along an entire mile long stretch of the rideau trail were gathering up their belongings what was left behind was being removed by dump trucks santa rosa police sergeant jonathan wolf greater several things we're hearing supportive cinema county regional parks.

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