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Got a call in any race, and Baffert says she's just very special. I think she's tall, Elegant looking, Billy, you know that right? Obviously. Awesome, right? Her brain's shot, but it's a two year old training. And Just like stand out sale in tomorrow's Kentucky Derby. Tis the law the favorite. And that 17 Horsfield 3 to 5 Morning line. Odds on that. Horse written by Manny Franco Post time for the Derby 702 Saturday night. Of course, it's a fan Lis weekend at Churchill Downs due to Corona virus and security concerns. In other news around Louisville. Ln PT investigating a double homicide in the Portland neighborhood. Two men believed to be in their thirties or forties, were found shot to death on Portland Avenue last night. There are no arrest. The double shooting comes after four people were killed in various areas around the city on Tuesday. This now brings Louisville's homicide count to 110 if you know anything Call the tip line at 574 l M p. D. Police say a gun allegedly used by attaining the shooting of three protesters in Kenosha was legally purchased. But ABC is Ryan Burrows says they still don't know where it came from. 17 year old Kyle Riton House remains detained in Illinois awaiting an extradition hearing later this month, authorities say. When he turned himself into police in his hometown of Antioch, they took possession of two Smith and Wesson MMP 15 rifles, which have now been turned over to the Kenosha Police Department, though it's unclear where, when and by whom those firearms were purchased that could determine if more charges are filed. Attorneys for Riton House say that the teenager did not bring the assault style rifle across state lines ahead of the shooting, but it was given to him by a Wisconsin friend in Kenosha, Bryan Burrough. The New Chicago President Trump and top White House officials are pushing back on a new report in the Atlantic that claims he made disparaging comments about fallen soldiers. ABC is Karen Travers has the story of fired up President Trump late Thursday night, emphatically denied new explosive allegations. He made disparaging remarks about fallen soldiers. I would be willing to swear on.

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