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I had just a head full of ideas about what I wanted every single scene to look like what I what music. I wanted everything and Shawna let me have that exactly as I made known for putting a lot of music in her shows, those still songs cost a lot of money like the Stevie Wonder songs who did you? What music? Did you use? Did you some already recorded music yet? They give you a choice of cleared music. You know, so whatever's cleared you into it. And then you say, let's try this piece. There's very specific rules in Sean land about the application of the music. How you know the song has to sort of start in one scene in it has to it has to play through the next scene. I I can't remember exactly what the rule is now. But there's very specific shonda has very specific ideas about the application of the music. She's a genius, obviously. Yeah. And she's a genius in the editing room. Also because so much of it is done in the editing room so much of his created and built in scenes moved around and stories sort of manipulated in the editing room. Did you get the bug or do you want to continue directly? You know? No. I not my show. I did another episode last year, and we had a new show Ronna Christopher and off. And I didn't have is much creative control. Krista was Christa was with the show for the first six years of the show. And then she left to go work for John wells, and she did shameless and a few other shows and then came back to Graz to run Grey's because Shauna was stepping away to her. Netflix steel, so Krista had very strong ideas because she was with the show from the beginning. Right. So it was a coming home for her, and she's very passionate and has a lot of strong ideas. So she would say I want to cut this. Seen this way. I want this song over and I don't like your song. I like this song. And you know, she's the show runner. She gets final say in. That's okay. But I'm happy with that. And I just thought, you know, I don't sort of if I don't get to put a hundred percent in my product out if I don't get to show the audience what? And I don't mean this with any malice. I don't get them. My version my music, my song, my vibe one hundred percent my vibe, I don't need to be away from my babies to do it. Like, I know. I can do it. I did it. So I think directing is super fun. But I'd love to direct a pilot of show. I produce a different something brand new love to do a pilot or a movie or something new but to directed episode of Grey's, I've done it. And I know I can do it. And it's not that exciting to what's your relationship like with not be obnoxious or rude? But real doctors do you have to have a medical staff on team. Do you consult Tatas at work? We do we have amazing. We have fellows surgical fellows that come and right on the show or give them story ideas or help us make sure we do things. Right. So I love doctors. I mean, they're really brilliant in their complicated and complex and they're doing super approach. Create things in surgeries, you're playing a fucking heavy metal music while they're cutting open, your heart there screaming at nurses. I mean, the stories are and I had a couple of nannies who were nurses, and I mean surgeons are brutal ruthless. They're abusive not all of them some of them. They're they're real wack jobs. A lot of them because they're just brainiacs. Right. So I love doctors. I think they're fascinating you've been in operating rooms you've seen actual operations. You weren't grossed out by no problem. You. I mean, I I saw two of my children were born via surrogate. So I was in both of those. And you know, it's it's intense to see how casual doctors are while they're cutting open a chest or stomach or they're talking about the pizza. They had the night before. And you're just like what? And the way they pull on the skin is like something..

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