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You are no our families. We know your family. We Adore you and we just wanted to say. Thank you so nice gesture for that all guy. And when the broken Arrow animal shelter in Oklahoma shared a picture on facebook of a special dog that needed a home. One family made sure they would be adopting her by camping out in front of the shelter for twenty-seven hours. The Border Collie puppy has a unique heart-shaped patch of her on her chest, which inspired hundreds of people to respond, but just one family went the extra mile and stepped up to be first in line, their determination and dedication paid off because a family was able to adopt the dog and give her a happy home. Isn't that so American right there we find a way to take a cute puppy and turn it into a black Friday situation where somebody's gotTa campout twenty seven hours before the doors open. This is the thing that always kills me with these stories. If you see a story about a dog with a heart, shaped patch, a for or one that was had a horrible horrible abuse story. Hundreds and hundreds of people want to adopt that one dog in it kills me because I always think adopt another dog or cat, or whatever there are hundreds of them all over every city living wherever you live with. That dog didn't go viral vowel dog didn't write little tail between its is so right. Yeah, it's cute enough. I'm with you sense or is. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Yeah the. Rock and Roll Hall of fame will welcome guests for the first time in three months today, the Rock Hall officials say the doors will open this morning and Cleveland after being closed during the height of the covid nineteen pandemic, all guests have to wear face coverings, and they will have their temperature checked at the door. The museum will operate with limited capacity. No cash will be accepted. A former Saturday night live star sharing what happened during an encounter earlier this year with the Los Angeles Police Department Jay Pharaoh shared video on Instagram of him. Jogging in Los Angeles.

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