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A story with a happy ending, and he's got new bragging rights for his honey. Bear for her to be good for you too. Kate Brian, WTO news. Sports at 25 and 55 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think Rhett it's a 25, so we'll go to rob wood fork. All right, the NHL draft lottery not overly kind of the capitals, the ping Pong balls spoke and gave Washington the 8th overall selection in the upcoming draft. It is the first time since 2007, the caps will pick in the top ten, but at number 8, it puts the elite generational prospects expected to go at the top of the draft just out of their reach, the top pick goes to Anaheim, followed by the Chicago Blackhawks at number two. The lone Stanley Cup playoff game of the night a pivotal game three in Edmonton is about to face off between the oilers and golden knights, the nationals set to open there. Three game series in San Francisco at 9 45, Jake ervin to make the second big league start of his young career for the good guys. The 7th inning stretch coming up in Baltimore, the Oreo still trailing the rays one nothing and as expected the NFL will have its big schedule release rollout Thursday night and we will see where the Washington commanders will take on their 2023 opponents and important to me when they get there by week. Following reports of the commander's inquiring into whether Andrew Luck will make a comeback for them. The colts have reportedly asked the NFL to investigate whether tampering occurred with their retired Pro Bowl passer, the NBA playoff game for us tonight. In Miami, the heat lead, the Knicks 49 39 as they approach halftime. Rob woodwork, WTO sports coming up after traffic and weather President Biden says he wants airlines to pay you if there are cancellations and long delays. Stay with us. After considering applicants from black owned businesses across the region, shulman Rogers selected IT company wave welcome to receive a year of legal services as part of the law firm's efforts to support local

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