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Unkindness Steve Dorsey CBS news, Capitol Hill. Members of the public will be able to pay their respects to the man is family calls forty one through Wednesday morning WCBS rich Lambda dozens lined up behind serpentine metal barricades at the capitol buildings east front. Among the first online Teresa Murphy from Bohemia, New York. I'm retired history teacher. Nice. So this fits right in does. It doesn't fact I'm recently relocated to Alexandria just a couple of weeks ago. And this my bucket list to live in the area to just incident just teaching about history, you know, really seeing living things of that sort. So it's kind of what brought me here. Just the opportunity. Congress has cancelled votes in some hearings in honor of the late president. But tomorrow lawmakers will question CIA director Gina hassle about the killing of US-based journalist in Saudi critic Jamal kashogi CBS, Jeff Gloria has more. A congressional source tells CBS news, CIA director Gina. The hospital is expected to brief Senate leaders tomorrow on the murder of journalist Jamal kashogi, Senate Democrats have criticized the White House for leaving her out of an earlier briefing by the secretary of state and defense one elementary school. Student was killed and more than two dozen hurt when their charter bus rolled off at interstate in Arkansas they were members of youth football league returning home to Memphis after a tournament in Dallas mayor Jim Strickland praise. The city's program with these coaches were doing was very needed in Memphis. And I applaud them for serving these young kids. It's just makes it all the more tragic that something awful like this happened. Many lost their homes and schools and the campfire but today thousands of northern California students were back in classrooms Butte county school superintendent. Tim Taylor came off the bus was a magical moment. And it was just so heartwarming to see the parents and the kids in the school and the teachers all together in the multipurpose room. The Dow was up to eighty eight today. This is CBS news to experience relief. From muscle cramps in your legs and feet, use theraworx relief fast acting foam get theraworx relief today in the pain relief at your local pharmacy or theraworxrelief dot com..

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