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Pick your seat on a plane. I think I'd rather pick the person I'm sitting next to. I really care where I am on the plane. It's like a six hour relationship. It more like a dating app. Obese Nazi with a service dog swipe left. Tiny Asian lady with a surgical mask. That's my gal. Yes. He is not a talker. Just like a dating app she shows up with a baby. I'm like, I got catfish. Yeah. I'm not going to small talk to things I can't do small talk. And I contact how sad is a. Basically all the traits of a serial killer, just without the ambition. I'm working on it though. I'm working on you know, people. I me me more confident. And they say Mark gotta be yourself. I'm like, well, you got to pick one. Someone three two two five eight seven four Bill. The all eat it to game. I'm willing. We might get some peanuts. I'm we usually eat before we get in there. Okay. What kind of? I was just like Frankenstein, which is and stuff, and we might get like a little little mini Muffin Ladas. We might get a little trailing on. You know, they tell you something will you not tell anybody in Baton Rouge or New Orleans because it'll ruin my my brand there. Swear, I don't like mudflows. Assign in different. I know I told EDI MARTINI one time ten years ago. And he's still not let me you gave me and don't like mobilize get I don't like him. Or you can make some Louisiana not like crawfish. All right. Everybody's different. I guess what does your wife do? Singer. She works why we some of those evil people that that Bob don't like she works for the the judges and uh. In neighboring players to. What kind of judge? At the. District coach. Be a politically connected family now. No like, y'all might be the black sheep side of it. So y'all got jobs with John Jahr kind of you know. All the seats. Black family Leon. I come from a long line of like, no, we're not. We're not connected. We just you know. I went to work for probation parole department when I got out of college because I needed a job, and I'll just go to LSU. And now, I went to South Asia. Okay. All right. And. And and I loved it. And and I've been in law enforcement, and where's your wife from? Actually from peer part? Swamp people's from where Landers far. Yeah. I met him two or three times go boy. I'm trying to remember what the name of the one was it. Mitch. What was the one that came on our show? Ramon. Anna shake Snyder set it up, I think it was Mitch was one of the swamp people. This was the first season we needed first exploded. She said he's gonna come on your show. Right. So it was after hours. So there was nobody else in the building. And she called and said, hey, he's in the lobby. I had to go get him. The building was shutdown just me and they're in the studio, and I go in there, and he smelled like asks he he is hair. His I mean, it was authentic this guy this guy. This guy wasn't playing a part. He's the one that died. He he at the die. Right. You remember? Yeah. Because if him and his brother. That. Yeah. Right. But he the one that died was one came on our show. So they brought the boat up there. And then I guess he fell in between the boat and the dock and then and then launched into him. So he didn't have any shoes on. And this wasn't one of these deals where you know, he's he's playing the role of a swamp. Yeah. His look prehistoric. Sales. They were like blades coming off of them. What's that? That's where he can clamber up a tree if he needs to get like, Jerry clower said John did he? Yeah. He could he could hung those nails into a tree after I don't think this guy. I'm not kidding. I'm not kidding. When I tell you this. I don't think this guy had worn a pair of shoes in thirty years if ever. I believe his feet were like hands. They were so sunburned just every part of him was Brown and his feet were. So just like a tree trunk like the bark of a tree. It was the most amazing thing it was completely legitimate. It was like an indigenous person like the what's the b.

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