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Hi, Pat, you're on ground zero. Hey, doing home when that incident happened with the two thousand in one incident, I believe it was in two thousand one mill stat Lebanon Highland, and then following this aircraft over Luke air force base. Then it disappeared. Right. And came the police came by a house, and we turned on the weather's scanner radio in we heard down following the whole thing all the way. And they thought it was going to go to Scott, and they had spotlight's on it. They said it wasn't making no noise. They couldn't the guys have like three different departments chasing this thing. And it was it was hovering right over. And then all of a sudden it just took off right up in here. Right. And one officer said that the I talked with the officers directly. In fact, one of the officers took a photograph of it. But the problem was it was too cold. He said to get a decent shot, but you can see that it had lights on it. And you can see. That it was triangular a lot thicker than I thought it would be because it looked like a flying apartment building except it was triangular. It was weird. Hey, couldn't believe how big it was. And they were they were talking on the real life. I never seen anything like this. You know, you heard him talking to hope because we we we didn't know what was going on is they they all came. I buy a house. So we turn on a scanner. And listen to it. You know, we're talking about the whole way what part of Illinois. Do you live in? I don't really want to say 'cause I told a guy my phone calls have already caused problems. And I think I'm starting to calls again. And I think that's why they waited a post office in New Mexico. Why would you think that you are involved with that? My father told me everything about what he did. And they kind of hit me with them and the FBI and one of your father. What are your father? Do he worked for the government law enforcement? He may delivery. He worked at an airbase in Zada classified base that air base area. Fifty one to one guy show when I told them everything that was on there. He said that's where he thinks he worked at I didn't realize I got security passes security clearance parts, so you so your dad may have worked at area fifty one. Or at least ask for told me a lot about what was there? So I used to not believe in UFO's. But when he told me about what was that. He was in charge of security for the testing of the stealth fighters and bombers, wow. And you also want aware of the U F over mill stat high when Lebanon right about that too. Yeah. That's the one that was by my by our house. Wow. Wow. Yeah. It went right over in the depleting. I bought it up to him. Yes. What they may be flying out there, it could it could have been tested. I don't know. But you brought us stuff recently. We're not far from Scott. My wife used to go to Scott all the time. 'cause she from Noah Terry as well as me. Amines, and we didn't have an balloons in the sky explosions, and we're like what the heck is going on a lot of booms report.

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