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She says i do remember looking down at the script and seeing my bare chest not being able to focus on anything but the words and my face being so hot and puffy and feeling so ashamed and what does he do you would think that he's going to try to comment on her body to compliment her body maybe get an her good graces right no no no remember this guy's a predator he already told her she doesn't have confidence so he goes for the negative some will blair standing there topless reading from a script and he says sir you know a lot of work that body it's kind of eastern european that is not by the way that is not a compliment i don't care if you're from prague that is not a compliment so she puts our sweater back on he proceeds to tell her how much help is needed that you know what you're just a mess and selma blair says well then i guess this is over i but i guess i'd better get down here are better get out of here a sits down on the bed he says nope you have to talk to me and starts rub it himself and then goes full james gum on him and says would you if me as these laying on the bed rub it himself and selma blair has the intelligence to say no no are you mary don't you have a wife and james james says it's complicated but yes she's wonderful and i have a girlfriend who can't get enough sex and then he says i have to a jackie lake six or seven times a day or else it really doesn't work for me to get through my day he says you have to do this for me you cannot leave until i have release and she's now thinking i gotta get out of here without getting raped how do i do it he says all right i can speak on my own khakis i just need a.

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