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Reveals her utter ignorance, not just our dismissive attitude towards nine eleven, but the fact that she thinks care was founded in the wake of nine eleven. This reveals a whole lot more about her than quite frankly anything else, she says ever could that she doesn't know what she's talking about. This ignorance is apparently quite widespread very viral exchange this week in a house oversight committee hearing between Representative Thomas Massie Republican out of Massachusetts. Yes. Apparently, those do still exists Republicans out of Bassa -chusetts and former Senator former secretary of state also out of Massachusetts John Carey Carey was before the committee for some reason to talk about climate change with the consensus on parts per million of CO two in the atmosphere. About four six four hundred six today. Okay. Four six are you aware around fifty being level that scientists have said is danger? Okay. Are you aware three hundred fifty s dangerous? Well, are you aware that since mammals have walked the planet? The average has been over thousand parts per million. Yeah. But we weren't working in the planet. It's limit just share with you. Sweet. Were we now know are at no point during the least the past eight hundred thousand years has atmospheric CO tube. And as high as it is today, that's actually. When I was when I was in McMurdo, we couldn't get the south pole because the weather, but I was given a vial of air which said on a cleanest air in the world. It was four zero one point six parts per million. That is fifty parts per million already over. What is the reason you chose eight hundred thousand years ago is because for two hundred million years before that was greater than than it is today, and I'm going to for the record. But there weren't human beings. I mean, there was a different world, folks. We didn't have to get the two thousand parts per million. If we here because there were all kinds of geologic events happening on earth, which spewed geology stop when we got on the planet German. I this is just an honest conversation. Your testimony is hot series. I agree. When you can't when you can't answer the question. That's the best answer. You got. No, actually, he didn't geologic events, particularly volcanic eruptions are responsible for a substantial amount.

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