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Fifty also answered questions via Twitter at Westmont three six five W. E. S. M. OSS three six five a quick recap of the good news of the week the whole clan at the fed meaning they will with all their might and power in an unlimited way buy bonds and shore up the credit markets which they already started to do on Monday probably the biggest first piece of really solid good dues to get us through this economically we've got to have our dry powder quote dry meaning that are safe assets need to be safe just like in the financial crisis we were worried about money markets the fed came in short of money markets and actually from that point on things started to get better I think it's a similar situation here where the federal service saying with all our might and unlimited buying power which they have to shore up credit markets is a very big part of this healing process or bridge to get us through with his next well the whole planet at the fed for using some adventures here Thor landed at the steps of Congress two trillion dollars in stimulus something in this bill for every once the carers act something in this for everyone in answering your questions about that and if Thor landed the steps of Congress that Iron Man Tony stark it has is coordinating testing we know that the public private partnership is absolutely the key to getting certainty that means we have to be out there testing testing equal certainty whether we end up we don't know what the ultimate mortality rate is we believe it may be well sub one percent versus what we saw in the early days of this crisis where we had a severity bias in testing but it doesn't matter either way we need to have certainty about how many people have covered nineteen and what what how or what the spread looks like and then of course just how deadly this is we're gonna know all of that and we're gonna be able to operate the position of knowledge and strength versus being stuck in a very dark room with no idea where we're headed that is happening through testing well guess what I told you last week that by Friday we were supposed to be at a hundred thousand tests per day guess what we hit a hundred thousand tests per day in America that's a huge part of the equation of getting through this and as of Friday Abbott labs said that they now have a brand new fifteen minute test if you're positive for cover nineteen it'll show you in three to five minutes if you're negative have to wait something like fourteen minutes or fifteen minutes or less and you'll now it's just an enormous development in this talk about a baby white swan this is good news pouring in Abbott laboratories they have get less than five minutes medicament did get their medical device maker guess what they're going to supply fifty thousand tests a day fifty thousand tests a day starting April first that is right around the corner it's right around the corner again testing will certainly certainly means we get out of this and then if Iron Man started it landed at the steps of the public private partnership get testing up and running then Captain America who's that well those are the doctors and the nurses in America taking care of sick patients one of those one of those I will annoyed a brand new Avengers a guy named Dr David price it is that is that one of my best friends who lives in New York well in Westchester county sent me those in Tarrytown New York sent me an email from this just a bit was this a community called couple of friends got together and they were friends with this doctor Dr David price he works for the Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City kind of ground zero they're treating twenty percent of all COPD patients in.

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