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Right back to the phones we shall go Michael is that calling from Virginia Michael yes all coming along about yourself you know the best I can be with a jet ski in this way yeah you know I'm in sales I think I'm having now maybe my line is not working one more time one more time if you can Michael yeah absolutely so my job in tales beats you up in the car all day okay I get to listen to you know Joe and Adam bagi part of my he keep and I get to listen to you okay today when I was looking for the mac impart apart was talking about how the object of wine you know it was always easy to find a good wide an old line you know when he was playing any says nowadays it's harder to find a good up at the line and I'm curious what your thoughts on the fact that now that quarterbacks are more mobile do you think that you know maybe the coaches are coaching differently in college you you know not so that they can't protect the west mobile quarterbacks in the really just tailoring towards you know the more mobile quarterbacks and so when that less mobile quarterbacks get the NFL they don't have the protection that they should ask you think that's something that that could be the problem well here's the thing I I mean if if there are good offense of linemen no we're not seeing good offense of linemen with the jets and the giants that's the the issue here I mean the the football here is been so so terrible but there are teams with good offense of linemen now if you take a quarterback like Lamar Jackson if play break and you'll see there's a little bit a you're a jets fan but you'll see there's a little bit with Daniel Jones if a player breaks Mannone he can improvise because of by the foot work and because of the legs he could run a little bit Lamar Jackson who do I may turn out to be the best quarterback in Peter and I were talking about this before the show when we were talking about it on the air the other day here at Lamar Jackson may turn out to be the best quarterback of his draft class more than rose in more than now in more than Sam Donald I'm just saying already you will see how it all works out when their careers are all said and done but Lamar Jackson control when no one thought he could throw coming out of college and everyone thought he was going to be a running quarterback and you gotta be able to throw and he's been able to do that and look at what he is done when a play breaks down so you listen there are good defensive players and there are good offense of linemen so the bottom line is you know you need a quarterback in this day and age to be able to improvise to create a play one play breaks down if the pressure is there if the heat is there you've got to be able to move would get away or at least be as a vase so if not a running quarterback how about being as a base of as in Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers is not let Marge Jackson Aaron Rodgers is not a running quarterback but watch the footwork and how a vase of he is making the moves he makes in such a short period in such a short amount of space and he doesn't need a lot of room a real estate to avoid you know getting sacked now of course is going to be sad there's no question about that but the wind is how a vase said he can be avoiding the pressure and the hit and the sack on so many occasions on his way to the hall of fame with the great arm and how many times do you see an Aaron Rodgers improvise and create a play one play breaks down so you can cover for a bad offensive line Sam Donald seems to have regressed for the New York Jets yeah and the offense of line he can't get away you know from the heat and the pressure and again he's got a cold shoe you know is it is not giving enough play is true a running back this is why we all thank we are going to see whether the Barclay and a with bell we're going to see them get the ball a lot as well they sure which only can help both quarterbacks would play action Manser sure but a Daniel Jones even though he has had trouble holding on to the football with those sixteen turnovers bottom line is he shows more of an upside at this point with only seven games under a under the battled more he looks to be more developed now then then Sam Donald and again I mean if you're a jet fan you have to know that the last three games for Sam Donald have been judged awfully looks absolutely shell John and his coach is supposed to be a quarterback borough John is calling from Philadelphia and John you're on a fan in New York City what's going on yes John well listen I wanted to talk about the judge a little bit yeah I figure spot on with all this Adam gase stuff you know that I feel like that you know it's very much a case where there's smoke there's fire and you know when you think way back to when the draft was going on in the whole business about Adam gase sitting away from Mike macaque men like it's my Jackman seeing and then the levy on bell stuff came out shortly after that really just seemed all along that if if it's not you know it's either you know it's the other guy's problem you know my my hands are not are not on on this thing right whenever things go wrong seems to back away rather than embrace yeah no I know he doesn't seem to have been I mean only when you force them to be accountable and responsible is he both and down and he'll throw and listening about said this before and thank you John very much for your call I think he's more of a self promoter Danny is a head football coach may be he is a coordinator for a team out but I mean he's calling the plays for the jets will kind of places a calling and I've still would like to know and poorly on the other side of the glass was explaining to me why he called a time out was seven seconds to go in the in the game against Miami what was that all about hi I'm Dan bout would Polly do you wanna explain again you can if you're blind yeah I just think that he thought the game was over any entry time out anybody maybe you can win tell people what's it going to set what what about the other time out what about other times in the fourth quarter when maybe there was that kind of opportunity for him to win the football game why was city using as time outs at that point the issue was not and calling time out from their seven minutes left in the fourth quarter that that that's the main issue and then why not seven minutes seven seven seconds but the reason why he had all three time outs was I think with seven or six or seven minutes left he just like the dolphins like run the clock down AT a call no time out right he mailed it in and I think he at that point he knew how bad this is looking at he just didn't want to go home with three time outs are going home with two diamonds yeah then I guess he just wanted the game to get over with what a more sooner than later so we could just go home and everyone wishes he would go home and I've said this before about him it's an old line so I've used it a couple of times what I don't repeat things the bottom line is if he left Miami only the clown Pennywise from the movie it had a lower approval rating in Miami the madam gays Joe was calling from Brantford Joe you're on a fan thanks for the call love your show thanks for the entertainment well thank you thank you for being part of the program it works both ways I want to talk about thank you both the functional sports brand try it or an act that Jack you know the next step yeah sure when it comes to gaze at leadership about judgment so one of the first things he did take it over is disenfranchised the running back it is about but beyond that yeah one spec number two quotes is the first game at the that you bring in a character who makes every check for Minnesota right okay that's bad judgment and then you look at is quite falling our water back less than two seconds to get rid of the ball before you get help but if you do things wrong one one and not letting darn okay help me give the ball when beyond the help fight yard behind the line of scrimmage but it get out and then so if you look at the overhead Jeepers running patterns better design reporter back that eight or ten seconds to throw the ball it doesn't make any that nobody cut that off or five guards are running all the way down feel on the wall that's what I'd like to know what were they thinking open any problem well you're right about all of this and we see this every single week every single week and adjustments are not made adjustments in his play calling and what a what are we see with that Greg Williams also with all the man coverage every single game man coverage and getting burned like Elvis Patterson used to get burned and toes to is a his nickname but that you you I mean you wonder just months are made like non okay it didn't work this week maybe it'll work next week instead of coming up with some kind of adjustments and again and a date you know and they have bone is connected to all the other bonds you have to have players with talent and skill and ability and if you don't have that then there with the execution even with a good scheme even with good coverages you know even with your planning on good coverages and having the right kind of the schemes and all of what you wanna do defensively against a particular team it's not going to work even if you're doing the right kind of game planning it's not going to work if you don't have if you don't have fundamentally good players so it's all connected yeah but again you would like to think that some adjustments would be made all offensively and defensively during the course of the of of the game and if the if they are there porn amount to me you see the same thing all game long with Greg Williams man coverage and it was talked about on the broadcast and you could see how much warm they were giving a daily the the Miami tied and I had never heard of before we're a city I think his name Preston Williams these guys came off like the Marx Brothers and the jets more of like the Marx Brothers read key Richie or a rag is calling from Long Island Richie rad girl what is it where are your core with the follow up will love is coming down you know what's going on over here I got a a scenario for years be with I love yet we've called for your like broccoli Robert is delicious how about if we take.

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